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Hello and welcome to the page for The Writing Apothecary Podcast.

Here you’ll find all of the information you need for the podcast.

I started this podcast to help writers gain more knowledge about the writing world and how to better their novels.

I found that with my plethora of degrees I wanted to find a way to help writers learn how to better their writing with tips, tricks and hacks and everything in between when it came to writing.

On the podcast, there are interviews with aspiring authors, readers and published authors alike, in an array of different genres to give you a perspective that is different from your own.

The Podcast is set up in themes. Each month we’ll focus on something different within the writing parameters with the opportunity to follow more. The podcasts are bite-sized with loads of fun sheets, great tidbits and how to’s to help you out with all of your writing needs.

Every month there will be a guest interview where we’ll chat about the topic and anything else that comes to mind, but Writer’s veer off course all the time and you’ll be able to see just how we get back on course.

Each week there will be show notes that will all be collated down below for convenience and ease of navigation.

I’d love for you to leave me a review on your preferred choice of podcast listening app. I want to help get this podcast out to writer of all ages, all levels and most of all genders and race.

If you’ve got a topic for me to cover, send me an post-it note to: hello(at)dreamingfullyawake(dot)com If you’re looking to be a guest on the podcast, fill out the following form and I’ll get back to you in seven business days with a meetup time to see if you’d fit into our schedule.

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