Dialogue: Interview with Romance, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author Alyce Johnson

Welcome back to The Writing Apothecary and to our interview all about Dialogue with romance, fantasy and sci-fi writer Alyce Johnson. 

In our chat we have a cover:

  • How important dialogue is to a story.
  • What classifies as bad dialogue.
  • If a story can survive without dialogue.
  • How Alyce uses tension in her stories. 

I had so much fun and her novella was a brilliant read. 

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Alyce’s Bio
Alyce moved to Victoria from sleepy Tasmania in 2013 to attend the Victorian College of the Arts and study Screenwriting, completing her bachelors in 2015. She dabbled in gaming for a time, working with Tin Man Games. While with them she edited the Gamebook Adventure Songs of the Mystics and wrote and edited for Choices: And The Sun Went Out, another Gamebook Adventure, and Koorie, a project for the Education Department. Now working in administration for youth mental health, she still spends a large portion of her time writing, currently working on not only her first romance novel, but also on sci-fi and fantasy projects. Alyce has taken part in the National Novel Writing Month since 2015. In 2021 she published her first ebook, Expecting: Novella One of The Tales of the Infused.

Where to find her:
@AlyceJohnsonAuthoron Facebook

Where to buy her books:
Expecting: Novella one of The Infused on Amazon and  Kobo.

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