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Work with me - Writing Coaching

Are you ready to jump into what you can get when you work with me?

Writers and creatives alike struggle with the challenges and difficulties in life, some of these are normal, but for most of us, the creative life balance we strive for is somewhat lacking. In some way or another we need some coaching.

We often don’t know how to strike up a work/life balance. (Is it achievable?)

Our toolkits are missing the nails and screws when it comes to birthing our creations.

We spend too long staring at a blank page.

Solitary creative lives are lonely and frustrating.

I feel you.

My life has been a constant upheaval of moving states, finding new friends, finishing University degrees, grieving, coping, and learning. Finding a balance that works for me has been a challenge, yet it is so necessary to function in life.

I always wanted a writing accountability partner, someone to challenge me and check in with my progress, someone to be my cheerleader and my taskmaster.

My experience is skewed, I focused on writing as a study idea and found people who are willing to help in any way. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, a set of eyes to read my work, fingers that help pick up mistakes, and words of advice that have never fallen short.

Through the journey, I learned how to hold myself accountable and how to cheer myself along despite my fears and doubts, while I leaned on those that were closest to me to nourish my writing practice and accountability.

I created a practice that helps me achieve a healthy balance every day.

And I want to help you create that same healthy balance.

  • Unmotivated
  • A lack of inspiration
  • Tired and drained
  • Busy
  • Blocked
  • Scared to start

  • Creatively flowing with ease
  • Inspired
  • Motivated
  • Switched on
  • Ready to take on the world
  • Less stressed
  • Happier

I’m here to catch you, in my specialised writing laboratory of all good ideas and some very bad ones, I put together the right concoction for your needs. Writing coaching will change your writerly insides forever and you’ll be glad you took the leap.

Are you a budding writer who needs a cheerleader, a supportive shoulder to lean on and someone who is willing to see through all your exclusive and bullshit? Then I’m your woman.

Or maybe you’re a seasoned writer and you’re looking for someone to keep you accountable and in the flow. Perhaps you’re looking for someone to bounce ideas off.

Not everyone is that lucky writer who gets it; some need a little help; others need more than just a little and a place to start. And it’s not a bad place to be.

I’ve been there I jumped full tilt in and had some amazing mentors along the way: Marie Forleo, Rachel McDonald, Danielle LaPorte, just to name a few, in starting my business. I’ve also been privileged to have been taught by some amazing lecturers who have helped shaped my writing and my tenacity to get my words out into the world.

I’d love to work with you and if you dive into The Writing Dispensary, where you can choose from my signature writing coaching packages with the Writing Apothecary. Or my manuscript appraisals at The Manuscript Theory.

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Writing is an important skill and I don’t like the idea of someone not having qualifications to back up their actual teaching, which is why I have and continue to broaden my education to better my skills. I currently hold:

  • Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University (majored in Creative Writing + Women’s Studies)
  • Bachelor of Writing and Publishing from Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Master of Creative Writing from Macquarie University

Through these degrees I’ve studied the following:

  • Editing – all layers
  • Creative Writing – short stories, long prose
  • Non-Fiction – essays, creative non-fiction, non-fiction
  • Academic Writing
  • Literature Theories
  • Marketing
  • Publishing – how to self pub + publishing basics
  • Photoshop + InDesign Basics

I don’t claim to be perfect at everything that I’ve learned and use in my business if I’ve misspelled something or gotten something grammatically wrong, I’m accepting that. It happens and if you find it, shout it out to me, I love people picking up my mistakes, it helps me grow.