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Being a writer is a solitary experience and it can get us down, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m here to guide you. And just like an entrepreneur writer, novelists have specific needs which is why I’ve crafted up the perfect method for the novelist to help get rid your Inner Editor and get you finishing your projects.

And it’s not limited to fiction, non-fiction writers have the same blocks and trials that a fiction writer has. 

We’re always coming up with excuses, procrastinating and avoiding sitting out butts down and doing our life’s work, only to complain that we don’t have enough time in the day to get anything done.

Life has a way of sapping you of time without you realising it.

But I’ve found ways around it and I want to show you how to make your writing a priority.

Because that’s really what you need when it comes to getting a healthy writing practice and beating your Inner Editor one word at a time.

Let me be your accountability partner.

Your cheerleader.

Your writing buddy.

won’t let you down.

∴ Strengthening your creative (writerly) insides. We’ll figure out what’s stopping you and how to get around these blocks.

∴Setting up a writing practice that will get you in shape for all of your projects.

∴Getting that great idea you’ve been procrastinating over for years (you know the one!) out on the table and really working at it.

∴Developing a project you already have in existence and getting it to the finishing line.

∴Tightening and shaping your beautiful prose.

And that’s just the beginning, whatever you need, I can help you.

I’m here to serve you.

Let’s get real about your writing.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it and we may even come up to some hardcore resistance, but that’s all apart of learning and growing together as coaches. In fact, I look forward to the resistance, it means we’ve hit your sweet spot.

I offer different writing packages, which you’ll find in The Writing Apothecary as an option with 4 different ways you can work with me. I also offer manuscript appraisals, which allow you to get a broad insight into what you manuscripts need to get you to the next level. They areintuitive driven with practical advice to help you along the journey.

I also offer intuitive creative card readings, which help you along your writing journey.

I can help you with your goals. Whether you need a writing coach or an intuitive editor or maybe a little guidance on your way. Click down below and let’s see if we jam together.

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Launching Soon