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Inside here you’ll find beautiful ways that I can help connect you and your project and keep you accountable. I can inject life and zest to enliven and enrich your projects with words, love, time and patience, because writing isn’t always easy. Nor should it be done alone.

Together we’ll find the solution to what you need to make your writing experience full of highs, deep explorations, and endings. Each concoction is tailor-made for you; no one else will get the same elixir as you so you can get exactly what you need. You’ll get worksheets and guidance, exercises and reading info to help you on your journey.

Or perhaps you’re looking for someone to give you a friendly but firm push to get you on the way and really get your butt into gear and warm your fingers up.

I can be the personal trainer your writing really needs and together we’ll whip your fingers and mind into shape so that you can shout from the top of the Eureka building that you’ve finished your piece of writing.

Writing is such a beautiful creative outlet; to me, it’s my meditation and through my packages, I can bring that to you too. It’s also a creative endeavor that is full of joy, tears, excitement and sometimes loneliness. But who says that we have to let that be a part of something so beautiful and so enriching?

I’m calling bullshit on that and letting you know that you’re not alone. I’m here to be your accountability partner, to help you sound out your ideas, give you gentle guidance on how to fix the problems that crop up in your writing and give you the tools to make it not such a lonely road.

If you sign on with me you’ll receive a swagger of tools to help you from the get go, plus any extras that pop up in our sessions.

I’ll help you build own Writing Apothecary and arm you with the right tonics to help you build your shelves with the right concoctions to help enrich your writing life.

Want to get that piece of writing publishable? Or need someone to help kick your butt and you’re ready to work with me? Send me an email: mandi (at) dreamingfullyawake (dot) com and enquire about a 20 minute discovery call with me, we’ll dive straight in and as I show you a taste of what will come if you choose I’m the write coach for you.

I offer single month, three month and six month coaching packages, each of them tailored exactly to what you need. But there are some slight diferences. With the below packages, each have a different level of editing, support and extras that come with it. This is so I can provide you with what you need.

The Serum (three month package) and Antidote (six month package) coaching packages come with my coveted Storyboard Remedy Playbook that is your how to on how to plot out your story and what you need. It has a strong inkling towards Fiction but there is notes on Non-Fiction through it as well.

The one month package is customisable with extras that are listed below the packages and this is because our one month together is intensive and you can up the ante with add ons. At the moment, only coaching clients are eligible to buy my Storyboard Antidote Playbook to keeps its exclusivity, and it is an add-on for our one month package deal.



  • Proof Reading – $99
  • Copy Editing – $99
  • Complete Editing (includes proof reading) – $199
  • Storyboard Remedy Playbook** – $45

(These extras are discounted, specifically for coaching clients, they won’t be listed on the booking page and will need to be added into the comments of emailed through.)

A word of warning: You need to be ready to work. Writing is hard work and I’m not going to lie there will be times where you won’t want to show up or you won’t want to sit down and write but that’s when you should.

To book in a sesh with me hit up my Booking Page and select your package.

I was looking for a writing coach because even if I love writing , english is not my first language and I wanted to be sure that my posts reflected my authentic voice and really felt like me. Working with Mandi helped me fine tune with voice through the page and also keep me accountable to write regularly which was something I was struggling with. I highly suggest working with Mandi if you have a writing project in mind, big or small and most importantly she’s down to earth and so much fun to work with!

– Alessia Gandolfo – Follow Your Inner Light

Mandi, being the generous, kind, and beautiful person that she is, offered to support me as an accountability partner and coach while I worked on a writing project. She is a fantastic listener who offers incredible ideas and suggestions when appropriate. Sometimes, the best kind of coaches know when to offer advice and when to step back and allow their clients the time and space to work through their thoughts as they try to figure out solutions for their projects. Mandi is one of those coaches. Her passion for writing and supporting writers is so apparent and her enthusiasm is infectious. Having studied writing and publishing she knows how to give feedback and input in a way that empowers her clients and allows them to move forward with confidence. 

– Vanessa Carnevale – vanessacarnevale.com


I don’t have a writing project yet, but I have one in my head. Can you help?

You’ve come to the right place. I mostly certainly can help!

As a part of each of the upper packages you get my storyboard antidote playbook as an add on service, which is valued at $400, and will help you narrow down on your story, characters and plot points so that you can get some writing down, but for those that don’t do structure, don’t walk away yet, my own plotting form is pretty lack so if the plot points don’t work for you, I’ll share my secrets to getting my stories down.

We will get down and dirty with it and really get the goodness and get you writing in no time.

What is your speciality?

I have a heavy background in fiction, because I’ve always much liked to just escape the world and I understand the world of fiction a lot better. Fantasy is my go to, so world building, character nuts and bolts, settings, themes, those are all right up there, but I can adapt to anything you throw at me. I’ve also got a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Creative Writing) and a Bachelor of Writing and Publishing, which has helped hone my editing and writing skills.

Help! I write non-fiction can I work with you?

You most certainly can. No matter what the story medium is there is always that: a story waiting to be told, as a fiction writer it actually helps my clients who write non-fiction: self-help/memoir/essays because I can weave a story into their writing with love and care.

I love fiction but I don’t know where to start can you help me?

You bet! Look at what sort of books you read, is there a common theme? Do you love fantasy? Or maybe you’re a horror fan? Or perhaps romance is your way of life. Getting to know what genre you’re writing in, will help you in the long run and actually start you off in the right place. You don’t necessarily have to stay in that genre but knowing where to start helps work out where you’re going to.

I don’t have a writing practice. Where can I get one?

I have a beautiful program where I work one on one with you over eight weeks to get your writing practice into shape. It’ll help you with your day to day life and help nudge writing to be a form of meditation too. I also help set up the right practices to keep you writing long after our time together is done. For more info keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come. I’m working on an expansive course for this.

What are your credentials?

I have completed both a Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University (where I majored in creative writing and women studies) and a Bachelor of Writing and Publishing from Melbourne Polytechnic. While I’m currently studying a Masters of Creative writing through Macquarie University to back myself. I’ve also been employed as a writing coach over NaNoWriMo with Melbourne Polytechnic. So, I’m well versed in and out of academia.

**Purchasing the playbook separately (for the Tincture Pacakage) doesn’t include the extra walkthrough and guidance that comes with the Serum and Antidote packages. I would recommend upgrading to those packages if you want the added extra experience.

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