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NaNoWriMo: Introducing the Stories Part 3

I’m taking a break from packing and all of the things I should be doing because I need to take a breather, I had a huge feat of trying to get most of my uni work out of the way before NaNoWriMo’s beginning and I didn’t quite get everything I needed to do out of the way, at least not yet, but that’s ok, there’s still time.

Today’s the last of the three part NaNoWriMo series where I’m introducing my projects, because it’s something I plan on getting into and I thought it would be a fun record for myself. In case you haven’t read Part 1 or 2 just click on the links to read them.

The last piece that I’m working on is called Rapture, yeah this is the only one I’m naming because this book is going to be my darling that I’m hoping to have out in all of her glory next year. How exciting is that?

Rapture is set in the present day in a time where Gods and Goddess of pantheons aren’t allowed to be revered as such and in keeping their abilities in check band together to perform in a travelling circus. They coax humans to come and watch the shows with promises of finding love, granting wishes and performing tricks to help alleviate the build up of abilities. The ruling Elders keep them in line, but the real story lies in the main character, Lyra, a Goddess of Pain and Suffering from a foreign pantheon who fell from grace to be with her husband, Leigh, a demi-god seer who is the apple of everyone’s eye.

When Lyra breaks the lock on her abilities and has to go on the run from The Elders and her family who want to drag her back kick and screaming. With the help of her two best friends she does into hiding and declares war on those that put her in harms way.

Stats: Old as dirt, raven coloured hair, thin, muscular, 5’9, glamoured brown eyes but really they’re red.

Abilities: Pain as weapon: can inflict it, can use it, can find it. She pulls on the pain within the world to heal with it. She is constantly in pain because of it too.

Family: Probably not worth mentioning here because she’s basically disowned them or was disowned by them…it’s a bit of a pain

Background: Finnish

Stats: 25, chesnut coloured hair that’s short enough to spike, intense green eyes, he’s the son of the god of war…he’s pretty good looking ok.

Abilities: He can see the future and sees those who are close to him the easiest. He’s also a demi-god, so he’s still unpacking more of his abilities.

Family: Colt the god of war and Beryl…a human.

Background: Greek

  • God and Goddess can’t be revered as gods or goddess so they have to find other outlets; most are paid
  • They changed their names to blend in and confuse others, but have been doing this so long that they don’t actually answer to their old names (dammit Hades!)
  • The governing body who looks after all of the pantheon’s are called The Elders
  • Falling for someone outside of your own pantheon is forbidden.
  • Unless you’re already on earth there is a fall gods and goddess must go through and in doing so half of their powers are put under a cap to save them.


This one has been a bit of a rollercoaster because it’s set out of what I would normally do and I’m still working on it. It’s going to be so good when it’s done, but I’m a bit far off from that point.

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