NaNo Diaries 2017 – Day 1

Today is the day, NaNoWriMo is here and I’m ready. I’ve decided that I’m going to document my writing days and what I do. I’ve never done this and I know that I may actually fall off doing this but it doesn’t matter. This is a look into what and how I manage to write so fast and so much in so little time.

Most could say that I’m probably cheating but I don’t edit, I don’t even fix up spelling mistakes and that’s just how I manage to get so many of the words out on the page. I also touch type so I can just speed along, that was something that I taught myself after days and days of writing on msn and a learning the ropes of touch typing because I wanted to be fast.

Today I continued on with SS the story has been pretty fresh in my mind of late because I did manage to read through it before I started. I did have a huge dilemma today, every time I wrote a scene that included Hunter I came up with a road block that plowed through the idea and when I moved onto Lucy’s PoV I managed to get the bulk of my words from her, so it was pretty frustrating. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Words: 12,002

Distractions: Too many my best friends entire family was home. There were lots of chats and laughs and kitten cuddles.

Side note: I’m going to be doing a daily NaNo Diary and I’ll be talking about the words I write or don’t write and I’ll be talking about the challenge I find along the way. So, hopefully you’ll come along on this journey with me.

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