Mandi Kontos

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– 27
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– Believer

The Nifoula

The Nifoula  As printed in The Last Word Anthology, you can find a copy of it here Long drives, open roads and old school Greek beats are prized possessions in the […]

The Subjectivity of Art

I’ve been really obsessed with music lately, which is not really out of the norm because we all know I need it to write and do just about anything else. […]

The Artist's Way Wrap Up

Before I ventured on to actually do this journey, I’d heard lots about The Artist’s Way. Even friends who had dabbled with just the beginning pages had mentioned it but […]

Keep Me In Your Memory

I, like many others this morning, woke up to the devastating news that Chester Bennington took his own life. The iconic face and voice of many angsty teens and adults […]