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NaNoWriMo: Introducing the Stories Part 2

In case you missed what I’m talking about, take a look back at this post for the details about NaNoWriMo and meeting my first two narrators.

And now I’m going to introduce to you probably one of the narrators that I’ve had the most trouble with. I started his story (I’m an avid fan of first drafts. I have so many of them and I’m working on progressing them further) in 2012, it was my first NaNoWriMo away from home and the first one that really allowed me to bond with my now best friend, but he’s so bloody frustrating. I’m not even sure if the strongest of curse words would be able to actually sum up this character, but I suppose I should just actually get to the point so this one isn’t quite as wordy as it’s previous post.

DC (again it’s abbreviated for the same reason as the first post) is about werewolf culture in the Nexus world. Travis is the son of one of the most power alphas in the world who has no regard for him. He left when he was young enough to remember seeing his back as he left, his mother is a world renowned singer who spent her life touring and bringing Travis along with her. He’s an only child and the only one of my characters who is an only child.

This story was supposed to be exploring all of that but I’ve realised that I couldn’t quite go back that far and I have to age the story up and basically lose everything I’ve got, which is close to 60k. Sigh. Characters are so fitnicky.

Travis is also a complete and utter jerk, but does has a side of him that is acutally really nice and it’s in those moments that I really adore him and find it hard to really get angry at him, but they’re far and few in between but his story seems to be the only one that he really lets me see him being nice. Ugh.

On the other hand Milena is a seer who has been having dreams about Travis, but didn’t know his name or what his face actually looked like when she would wake from them. It wasn’t until they crossed paths that she realised who he was. And she’s also the daughter of the Lieutenant of the Police force…go figure.

Stats: Scorpio, 6’2, natural muscle thanks to his werewolf abilities, green eyes, brown/black hair, tattoo of an ankh on his back surrounded by flames.

Abilities: Werewolf – heighten senses, so he’s got great hearing, amazing eyesight, ridiculous sense of smell. He has the ability to shift and is a big wolf, he’s black with a tuft of white beneath his chin

Family: Father, totally a deadbeat, mother – close to her, stepmother and stepsister

Background: Australian, with some Irish ties.

Stats: Taurus, 5’7, black hair, fair, dancer physique, 24

Abilities: Seer, she basically just get premonitions in her dreams in great detail…well everything except for the face of people that are linked to her life.

Family: Father, Mother and sister.

Background: Latino, not quite sure what though.

Originally this story wasn’t going to be a dual narrated story but the more I got to love Milena the more I realised she has an entirely different side to her that I need to know about and wanted to know more…she also had a way with me, she kept bursting through and wanting me to write scenes from her point of view, which I did to buff up words but they were exciting and I knew that I needed to have more of her in the story…or more that she needed to be in the story more.

Travis’s story is about trying to run the pack while plotting the death of his father and succeed him, because his deadbeat dad seems to think that now that he’s in the pack, he’ll take over form him instead of his step-sister, who was originally in line to be alpha…but she’s seriously fucked up somewhere, not sure where, but I guess I’ll get to find out.

This is by far the one that is going to challenge me because male narrators tend be a bit of mystery to me, but I’ll definitely have to push through with him.

  • Werewolves don’t infect others by biting them. Their bite decays flesh and will kill a human.
  • They age slowly but do indeed age.
  • You can only infect a human by using blood and ink, most tattoo their pack with their own blood and the wolf symbol iconic to their pack.
  • You have to be tattoo three times in one month (in the weeks leading up to the full moon)
  • Werewolf blood is like a drug, which you can’t be turned unless you have the ink component, you can shoot it up in small doses and become addicted to it.
  • Werewolves are illegal and being caught and outed as one will have you sentenced to death with no trial, even if there are wolves in the legal system.
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