25 Ways I Procrastinate

25 Ways I Procrastinate

Procrastination is a constant ugly thing I have to deal with every day. And even more so when I sit down to actually write. A second draft is always the hardest for me. It’s why I generally push publish on blog posts after instantly writing them because otherwise I get way too pedantic about them and will nitpick at them until the cows come home.

Because even as a writing coach, copywriter and editor, I still have that same that same niggling with my Inner Editor and while I have the tools to help get me through that there are still times where I know that I will do anything and everything to avoid writing.

Strange hey?

But I’m only human and while I love and adore writing, I struggle the most with the second draft and that’s another post to come, but I thought you’d all love a moment to see what it’s like when I sat down to try and write a second draft (and I was on my no reading week for TAW). Have a bit of a chuckle because they actually seem insane!

Here are 25 ways I procrastinated while trying to write a second draft for a chapter of my novel, promise to laugh because I laugh at them!

  1. Organised my wardrobe – Basically, I shuffled clothes around from my set of drawers into my wardrobe.
  2. Refolded my already folded clothes – they were messy!
  3. Rearrange the balcony furniture – it just didn’t flow with me anymore
  4. Swept the balcony – it was dusty and dirty!
  5. Moved my plants around – They needed some sun
  6. Moved the living room furniture around – I wanted a change
  7. Listened to music
  8. Watched a movie
  9. Played a game of scare my cat (it basically involves me tapping his behind while sneaking up to him and watching him jump)
  10. Did Yoga
  11. Change my outfit
  12. Had a shower
  13. Vacuumed the apartment
  14. Tidied my bedside table
  15. Washed and folded clothes
  16. Cooked
  17. Moved the coffee table around
  18. Opened the balcony door, closed it, opened it!
  19. Put my cat on his lead so he doesn’t jump over the balcony
  20. Sat in the sun
  21. Looked at copy
  22. Ate dinner
  23. Had dessert
  24. Lit candles
  25. Finally found the right song

Did any of these resonate with you? What are some of the ways you procrastinate? Because I know what I’m not alone in this, leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your ways to procrastinate.

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