The Artist’s Way – Week 4

Week Four of The Artist’s Way came and went and it wasn’t as bad as initially thought it was going to be and the reading deprivation wasn’t all that hard, but it just meant that I got intimate with cleaning, changing my wardrobe and rearranging furniture.

The topics that were covered this week weren’t as many as the previous weeks and exploring the recovery of a sense of integrity was an interesting week, with the reading deprivation being the biggest topic. There was aslo honest changes and a buried dreams exercise.

Morning Pages:

I missed a few days with my morning pages this week, mostly because I’d get up with the intention of doing them and then get stuck with doing something else, which I know is actually a coping mechanism. I know that the first page and a half of the Morning Pages is just junk, but I let go of the stigma of writing them and dive straight in. I get down and dirty with the hard stuff first before anything else. I don’t really know how to sugar coat what I’m writing when it comes to that. I usually sit back and rant about things that frustrate me before I actually get into the real issue. Which happens within a few sentences.

I’m not going to jinx it but I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Writer’s Date:

I missed my writer’s date this week, but mostly because I had plans to go into the city to stroll around and take in the scenes. I wanted to go flat out and be a bit of a tourist in the place, but I was actually snowed under with doing my copy for my new packages that I got so caught up and it and when I checked social media I found that a tragedy had happened in Bourke Street Mall and was really glad that I hadn’t been in the city that day, things would have been so hectic but also so sad.

So, I missed it and I kind of feel guilty about it. I also feel more guilty about not really trying to do more about it. I think that I’m putting too much pressure on myself and in those days where I could be doing something better than actually that, I talk myself out of my Writer’s Dates. I’m so used to moving with people, going out with them and being on my own…it scares me. There, I admitted it. Being by myself scares me.


Not reading wasn’t so much of a problem, I found loads of things to do in the mean time, but what I did find was that I spend way too much time on social media, just scrolling and in that I realised that I wasn’t fully present with what I was doing and that I need to stop with watching my days go buy on social media, because I found that it was all I started doing. I’m used to not reading as much and as much as I wanted to, I mostly avoided. I caved with TV shows because they filled in some of the time, but other than that I know that that’s the biggest issue I have.

Would you try your hand at reading deprivation? I feel like I have a new lease on what I need to do and my writing. It’s be pretty interesting. Leave me a message if you think you’d try it.

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