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POV: An interview with writer and photographer Av

Welcome back to The Writing Apothecary and today I have a treat for you. We’re sitting down to chat about Point of View with another dear friend of mine, Av.

We met during our Writing and Publishing degree and is always a wealth of knowledge. Today we chat about all things point of view, focalisation and cats, because what is a writer without their cat?

We go into detail about characters because, down to the wire, all of our storytelling comes back to our characters and just what point of view means to her. It also is a good look at the creative brain of something who is neurotypical and I think it’s amazing!!

 I loved talking to Av and our conversations are always full of wit, sarcasm and loooots of laughs and cat chatter.

About Av:

Av (she/they) is a Canberra-based writer and photographer. They have been published in Beat magazine, Lipmag, and defunct music magazine SLEIGH. She has also published essays in various zines and university publications, exploring how feminism influenced her upbringing. They live with their two cats, Mario and Peach, and an endless pile of ‘to-read’ books.
Instagram: @chemistryminds

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