The Artist’s Way – Week 11

This week was all about autonomy and I found this week’s essays to be ones that touched me on a different level. There was loads about creativity and it’s basis in the topics of acceptance, success, the zen of sports and building your artist’s altar, all of which are infinitely important. I took a moment to really delve into these and found that I wanted to actually write out every one of these small essays and tape them everywhere and anywhere I could put them.

Morning Pages: Less consistent with them this week, but I definitely did crave them and found that it was easy to get to the page, not quite as easy to write about writing, but most of it has been about the things that have been cropping up in my life…not even sorry.

Artist’s Date: I took myself to the beach and put my feet into the cold sand, it was an overcast day but it was just what I needed.

Challenges: Doing this check in, I’ve been meaning to do it for days and days on end and I think it’s because I know that the journey with The Artist’s Way is coming to an end and I’m not a big fan of endings.

Synchronicities: As soon as I started reading I had all of my future blog posts pop up about creativity. Yeah! So watch out for those.



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