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Owning up to the Divine

Owning up to the DivineToday I’m owning up to the divine because I finally feel like it’s time.

For as long as I could remember I was always fascinated with the elements of life; I fell in love with TV shows like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; I read books based on Wicca like the series Wicca/Sweep by Cate Tiernan; I collected crystals, did meditation, bought books by Fiona Horne and hid copies of the magazine Witchcraft under my bed; I did my Year 10 project on witchcraft and hired every witchy movie I could get my hands on to review, Hocus Pocus was my favourite and Blair witch 2 was waaaay better than one in my opinion; I made my own Book of Shadows, more than once; I studied the herb elements and the sabbaths; I dedicated so much of my reading time to studying it but never practicing it as far as actual magick.

My mum even has a wicked deck of Mythic tarot cards that have only ever given me the most accurate reading for a family friend that had my intuition sparking and had me trusting my gut so hard. But even with all of that I feel off the wagon.
I got too busy. I made excuses. I went to uni. I got a job. I found the Internet.
I have so many excuses but not one of them can really put into place what I’ve felt when it comes to it.
I’ve been scared. The physical world is so easy to understand but I can’t keep doing this. I’m fascinated with crystals, chakras, rituals, reiki, oracle cards, tarot deck the whole shebang and I’m owning up to it.
I have started to collect oracle cards. It didn’t happen by accident. Well it sort of did and I found myself wanting a deck after reading about them. I started with a simple mermaid deck which is gorgeous (I also met the artist by chance at Book Expo last year) and I caught the bug. I needed more.
I can across a mythic set that was based on The Greek Gods and I was in love. This is my base deck I go back to time and time again. Because it’s proven to be true.
I added a Faery Dragon deck, Shamen deck, Inner Hue deck and recently I won the Little Sage deck.
I’ve had so many cards that I’ve pulled for friends, for clients and for myself that have been spot on. My intuition yelling at me to listen. And I have. Well except that one time that involved me dropping my phone and cracking my screen…thanks Hermes!
I’m here to shout it out. I love the divine. I love everything to do with it and all of my coaching sessions involve oracle cards because I love finding out how thing manifest in my clients lives and how spot on they are. And if it’s not for you. That’s okay too. But I’ve been so scared to say anything. Because I didn’t want to be judged but I’m okay with it now. Judge me as you feel for but I love doing it and I have learned that loving what I want to do and how I live my life.
I don’t want to be scared anymore and no one should feel like that, I felt like I needed to get that off my chest before I launch my Writing Apothecary into the world. This is my space and I’m allowed to be cathartic about it. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my magical writing cave and allowing me to fill your minds with my words,  you have no idea how thankful I am each and every day for it.
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