The Creative Tarot + Lumina Review

There are a few things that I love more than writing, my cat, stationery and tea (and yes in that order too, don’t judge me) and that’s tarot and oracle cards. Seriously, my collection is starting to be huge.

It all started with my mother, who has this gorgeous deck of Greek mythical decks that I always, always loved. And she only bought them because she’s obsessed with Greek mythology and being Greek it’s kind of a given. But I remember when Dad used to work late we’d one of her friends come over and have tea (back then I hated it so I stuck with my Diet Coke, gosh how times have changed) and she’d crack them out as they were talking and it wouldn’t be anything too extravagant, just a couple of ladies sitting at table with this gorgeous deck and mum would just read from the guidebook.

It was kind of magical and I went through a phase where I needed to know everything there as to know about Wicca and the esoteric, and just…everything I could get my hand on. I’ve written about this before over here where I owned up to the divine.

But there are a few times where I’m completely flawed by decks. One of them being the mythical deck my mum has and then I stumbled along these deliciously gorgeous cards by Lauren Aletta at Inner Hue.

They are…so magical and I am so enchanted by them. I first came across them last year, when Lauren hinted to them during a newsletter of hers and I knew that I needed it.

You see I own her Connected and Free Oracle deck and they are a dream to work with, but I felt an irresistible pull to them. I wanted to them, no I needed them in my life but it’s common knowledge that a deck is truer if it’s given to you as a gift and no matter how much I hinted at my brother to get it for me it was a no go, so I knew that it wasn’t the time for it.

But I got bought a book, one that I found on Instagram by chance called The Creative Tarot by Jess Crispin and I bought it and I got the permission I needed: who cares if I didn’t have the deck gifted to me. I wanted it in my life, so as soon as I could I pre-ordered my deck and waited patiently for it to show up.

And boy was it worth the wait.

The cards are out of this world sexy and hot damn every one I pull out, it’s almost spot on. I have never had a deck rock me as hard. And neither have I had a book come into my life that was so right for me.

The Creative Tarot is a book that dives into the past of the deck, going right back to where it began before Crispin broke down the cards in terms of creativity and I am…seriously in love.

The book is broken down into the major arcana and minor arcana with reference and further reading, but what I loved the most is that she grouped all of the minor arcana in numbers vs kinds. So she has all of the aces together and then the twos and so forth. It makes life a little easier to get through and it makes trying to find references easier too.

Not to mention at the back there are decks for creative blocks, for not know where to go next and how to read them. It’s kind of really beautiful.

So for any creative out there, do yourself a favour. Start dabbling with decks, oracle cards are a great starting place, get your hands on a tarot deck (I have two, but I’m dying to get my hands on The Wild Unknown deck, holy crap that deck is gorgeous) and grab yourself a copy of The Creative Tarot, it’ll help you find exactly what you need from your creative projects.

Do you guys have any favourite decks? Tell me below. I love to swoon at decks.

Mandi is a writer, reader, dreamer and is breaking procrastinating inner editors, one at a time.

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