The Artist’s Way – Week 2

Ahh Week 2, here we are. This week is all about Identity and recovering it. The topics were pretty rad this week, they included: Going Sane, Poisonous Playmates, Crazymakers, Skepticism, Attention and Rules of the Road

I have to admit, I missed one day again, but this time I’m pretty sure it was because I got up and went to my retail job, but I can forgive myself for that because it’s tough getting out of bed for it sometimes. And mostly because I use all of my energy that I would use to write or edit for conversing and selling to people. I can do that in my sleep and it’s such an autonomous. I have to say that I’m finding some serious resistance with the other tasks during the week. I don’t know if it’s fear or just me looking at the tasks and going nope. I think I might go over them again and try my hand at them, because I want to do this right and I’m going to get through it.

It’s turning into journal thing but mostly because I’m cycling between angry and disgruntled and it’s not because of my writing, it’s because of a lot of others things in my life, I’m just letting it settle on the page and just going with the flow and maybe I’ll find more from it later. But right now I’m going to just cruise through it.

I did go on my Artist’s Date this week though and it was just going out to a cafe and trying something new and I took my earphones out and just sat with myself, yeah it was a little uncomfortable because I’m not used to sitting with myself. I had a book with me and was going to try and read it but I decided not to.

And yeah it was uncomfortable, but I sat with it and in the end I enjoyed it. I spoke to one of the waitresses and it really made me see something about myself and as much as I am a recluse because on my days off I want nothing more than to sit around inside and write.

I need to get out and I need to do things that make me uncomfortable because I need to learn how to do this, and I can do this.

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