Sharing Sunday – Rampaging Rats

Sharing Sunday - Rampaging Rats

It’s no surprise as to this weeks Sharing Sunday lady is. Susan is back again with another excerpt! I just love her pieces and I’m excited that I get to share pieces that people are willing to send into me. If you’re interested hit me up on Facebook (click on the icon on the right) or check this page out for me details. I’m open for anything and everything! Now onto Rampaging Rats!

Rampaging Rats

Cleverly disguised as a French artist, Operative Digger travelled to Sydney by train. He then headed immediately for King’s Cross. His first stop was Club Canine, where he hoped to run into some of his contacts from the old days.

Operative Digger slipped down a cobblestone alleyway and approached a grey metal door. He gently gave it the secret knock and held his breath. It creaked opened and a large dark face peeked through the gap.

“Who is it,” the dark face grumbled.

“Tell Franz, it’s Digger-rific,” Digger nodded knowingly.

The door shut quickly but only seconds later it flew open and Operative Digger found himself in the embrace of a large Saint Bernard.

“Oh, Diggies! How we have missed you at da cross!”

Digger loosened himself from the large dog’s grip and patted him on the arms.

“Yes, it has been sometime,” smiled Digger.

“What are you doing here? Have you come back to us for good, my Diggies?” the Saint Bernard asked coyly.

“No, I’m on a mission,” declared Digger soberly. “It’s important Franz that I get a float in the Doggy Day parade. I have a message to get out to all the dogs of Sydney. I’m afraid I’m going to need your help.”

“Of course! Of course!” cried Franz. “Anythings for our little Digger-rific!”

He leaned closer to Digger. “Is it about that unfortunate business at City Airport?” he whispered.

Operative Digger nodded.

“Many of our friends here at da cross where destined to go to the Check Out: Dat terrible place where doggies are sent but never return. They have not forgotten how The Organisation saved them. You need not worry, my Diggs, you have lots of friends here,” Franz reassured Digger.

Then he turned to the large dark Newfoundland that was blocking the doorway. “Shoo, shoo, you brute. Go and tell da others that Diggies is back and we are going to help hims with his little mission.”

He turned back to Operative Digger, “Now, my little friend. Come inside and tell me what exactly it is that you wants from us.” He clapped his large paws together. “Oh, exciting! A secret mission! Da boys will be soooo excited!”

Operative Digger sat down on the edge of the leopard patterned couch. He looked down at it and smiled. ‘Some things never change,’ he thought to himself. On the trip up he had made notes and diagrams and he needed Franz to understand exactly what he needed him to do. Franz was a large gentle dog with a heart the size of Australia but he was not so great on details.

Franz sat next down next to Operative Digger. “We need a float, Franz,” Digger started slowly. “A large impressive one: One that will grab the attention of the media. We need television cameras and press photographers to take pictures so that the message is spread as far as possible.”

“Hmm, I see,” he mumbled to himself. “I think I have the perfects ideas for youse! I will call in a few favours, ‘specially for you, my Diggs.”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled it quickly.

“Yes! Hellos my darlinks! Franz here. I’ll need the builder dogs to come to my club now. Tell dem it’s urgent.”

He snapped the phone shut. “Dare, I’ll make da fruit punches while we wait and you can tell me all about your little plans. I thinks we should have two cherries on tops to celebrate your home comings, Diggs!”

It didn’t take long for Operative Digger to explain to Franz what had happened.

“And dey are still there, fighting dese terrible monsters?” Franz asked.

Just then there was a loud rap on the door.

“Comes in if you’re good looking!” cooed Franz.

The builders came in. They were a rough looking bunch of Kelpies. One by one they shook Digger’s paw. They had calloused paws from working hard and were very strong.

Operative Digger gave them his notes. They checked a few details but seemed to understand the task at hand very well.

“Come on then,” barked the largest dog. “Let’s get started. We’ve only got till morning. The parade’s tomorrow.”

“I’ll go with them and help out,” said Operative Digger. “We’re going to need all the paws we can get.”

“Yes. Yes,” agreed Franz. “We will all go and help. I’m sure it will be lots of fun too!”

Outside in the street at every corner and on every post, Operative Digger lifted his leg. Franz was a bit upset by this.

“Diggies,” he whispered. “Is it necessary for you to relieve yourself all over da town? It is a bit rude don’t you thinks?”

“Have to,” quipped Digger. “With all communications down all we have left is the old fashioned pee-mail. I’m afraid I have to get the message out however I can.”

He ran ahead and lifted his leg on the letterbox knowing any dog that passed would smell it and understand its meaning straight away.

“Oh, I see,” Franz thought about it for a minute. “Then I shalls help you, Diggies!”

And with that he trotted up and down the street lifting his leg on all the buildings and shops he could.

The workshop was only a few streets away so it didn’t take long to get there. It was a big empty warehouse. Quickly the builders got to work assembling wooden frames over the axles of an old truck.

Operative Digger went from side to side and from corner to corner inspecting their work. The builders were very fast and whipped up the frame and the sides in just a matter of hours. The next thing Digger knew ladders were being dragged towards the float and they were splashing undercoat up and down the sides.

Franz was having a great time. He was wearing a large pair of white overalls which were covered in paint already. He was a heavy dog so the building crew wouldn’t let him climb the ladders. Instead, he was given the task of painting the wheels and the underside of the float.

“Doesn’t it look fabulous?” Franz waved a paint brush in the air. “Diggies have you decided which shade of pink you want the float?”

“I might leave that to you,” Digger conceded. “You were always better with tones and shades than I was.”

Operative Digger quickly hopped up a ladder to inspect the statues being created on top of the float. There were two dogs; one larger than the other. The larger one represented The Organisation the other, all the dogs of the world. The larger dog had its arm around the smaller one and its other paw had the thumbs up sign. Around the float the following message was being painted:

The Organisation is every dog’s best friend; making sure you get lots of treats, runs in the park and a warm bed to sleep in at night.

“It’s wonderful,” cried Digger. “You guys are pure genius!”

He called out to Franz. “Hey Franz, what do you think of the message?”

Franz came out of the office brandishing colour charts. He put his paws on his head and yelped loudly.

“Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! It is fabulous, Diggies! I love it! But isn’t The Organisation supposed to be secret from da humans?”

“Yes, but this writing is in code. Only dogs will be able to read it and understand it,” answered Operative Digger. “When the humans see it all they will see is, Feed Your Dog Destiny Canned Food!”

Franz waved the colour charts back at Operative Digger. “Youse are too clevers for me, Diggies! Now, I have to choose a colour. There’s so many shades of pink to choose from! Who’d have thought it would be so tricky?”

Operative Digger smiled and nodded and he had good reason to. The float looked wonderful and it would surely attracted lots of attention. He hopped down and began to take photographs with his d-phone.

“Diggies!” exclaimed Franz. “At last I’ve found just the right colour! See dis. What do youse think?”

“It’s nice,” said Operative Digger thoughtfully. “I like it.”

Then he posted the images he had just taken of the float to facebook with this message: To all the dogs of Australia, The Organisation is here to help you and will always honour the wonderful relationship you have with your owners.

With The Organisation’s communication network down, using a social media site was the only way Operative Digger could get a message back to Hans at headquarters too. It was a great idea. Within ten minutes, Digger’s post had 4 comments and 32 likes.

About the Dreamer

Susan Day is passionate about children’s literature and wants to inspire children to follow their dreams. She created the Astro’s Adventures series and is currently illustrating the seventh book, Neptune’s Trident. Each book Susan creates encourages and promotes the wonderful art of story-telling with organic illustrations and characters that portray similar character traits that the readers’ pets share. Susan shares her home with dogs, in particular, Rocky, Stella, Alfie and Digger, from the Astro’s Adventures series, three rescue guinea pigs, two bossy cats and a very patient husband.

If you want to know more about Susan check out her blog, her Astro Aventure’s site and her Amazon author page. Leave her some love on here guys!

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