Short Story

The Nifoula

The Nifoula  As printed in The Last Word Anthology, you can find a copy of it here Long drives, open roads and old school Greek beats are prized possessions in the […]

Sharing Sunday - Ink

Today’s Sharing Sunday piece is by a young writer by the name of Max! I’m not sure where he’s from (I’m going to assume it’s somewhere in the Americas from […]

Sharing Sunday - Hydrosensual

  Ahhh, I do love it when my persistence finally gets through. I’ve been cajoling my writer friends for pieces from them because they all have such beautiful imagination and […]

Sharing Sunday - Stolen

  Today’s Sharing Sunday piece is by Mikki, a darling friend of mine who is stronger than she looks and so intellectually beautiful it’s breath taking. Her piece, like most […]