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Plot: Drama, real life and plot steps

Episode 022

Welcome back to another episode of The Writing Apothecary, this is a week at looking at drama, real life and plot steps when we start to play around with plot.

Every plot has a major dramatical question that is either a yes or a no, with the few cases where it’s a maybe. It’s the central-most organised force in a novel, no matter what you’re writing, there will always be a single question that will need to be answered and your plot? 

The main points in today’s lesson:
– Your protagonist is your most fleshed out, cohesive and dimensional character.
– They need a desire.
– Their desire leads to their goal.
– Conflict is needed to help push the plot along.
– As a writer, it’s not our job to make our character’s lives easy.

Stories that truly move us are the ones that have real depth and even with external conflict you need to have a balance of internal conflicts, because your protagonist should be able to show your readers what it’s costing them or what the effects of a wrong or even a good step means for them. 

Tell me what did you take away from this week’s lesson?

I’d love to know.

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