Writing Wrap up March Week 1

I did a thing. I deleted a chapter. Like poof. It went away. (I didn’t really deleted it, I used the snapshot function on Scrivener to keep it close), but I did it and rewrote it and it transformed into a beast. Like my character found a letter and there was a huge bombshell dropped…and it happened way earlier than I expected.

So this means I actually managed to get a lot of writing done, this week’s writing wrap up is a good one. I also discovered The Word Alive’s album that was released last year….this has been a huge motivator to get me to write. I need audio to work, I don’t know how people can do it with no music. Sometimes I like to write with instrumental but mostly it’s all words, I think it has to do with the emotions flowing through the voices. It gets me amped up and ready to go.

This week was a heavy day job week. I’m a part of a tv show and it started filming this week, so I had some meet and greets and preparing for it while I was working practically full time as my studio manager was off for the week. So, there are some heavy 0 writing days, but that’s ok.

My fiancé and I area also looking at wedding venues, so the weekends (especially Saturdays) are harder to get writing done.

  • Monday – 0
  • Tuesday – 0
  • Wednesday – 0
  • Thursday – 0
  • Friday – 672
  • Saturday -181
  • Sunday – 2150

Whew, made up for it on Sunday though. I’m trying to make Sunday my day where I do all of my content for the week, but I get fairly distracted so it hard.

How did you guys go with your writing for the week?

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