Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell


My skin feels tight, my body seems ready for what’s to come and I can already feel the shifts. I finished this book in record time, in comparison to its sister book Light is the new black. I struggled so hardcore to finish and let myself get distracted and put off by the hugeness of the actual book, but once I was done with it I could understand why. It was a book that cracked me wide open, Campbell has a way of writing that gets right into the spaces between and really exposes those cracks. And while I thought I was ready for it, I soooo wasn’t.

Rise sister rise was a completely different experience. I was hungry to read it and the small chapters or even topics within the chapters are what made it so easy and draw you in, which is exactly the same as Light Is the New Black but there was just something about this book that just seemed to be more me. More in time with what I needed right now.

I love the whole message about rising throughout this novel. Campbell encourages, if not demands, that we step into our true power and allow our true selves to shine, because when we shine, those around us shine just as much, so when we rise, they rise too and it’s this whole chain reaction where everyone is rising and shining too bright, but really there is nothing that is too bright.

And I love it because I think about the beautiful women in my life and the way they are getting what they want. In some instances, I feel like I’m at a stalemate and their really getting there, but I realised that this is because I’m not really trying to get where I want to go.


I’m not asking for the help that I need to get me there and thinking that I can do all of it on my own when, really, I can’t. Well, I can if I want to learn the fastest way to burn out and not really get anywhere.

Women should celebrate the wins, we are in the Age of Light that allows us all to be seen, it allows our voices to be heard and our abilities that we keep hidden, come through and shine like there’s no tomorrow. We only stop ourselves when we doubt our skills and doubt our ability to create beautiful things from the heart. And when we start to compare ourselves to others who are doing better than us we actually bring our own goodness down.

Ahh this read was definitely one that I loved and adored. I’m going to be possibly revisiting a lot of this book. Even if it’s just for flicking open a page and seeing what I get.

I always find that the right books enter my life just when I need them and I resist reading them sometimes only to find that I come home when I do read them.

Perhaps that’s why I find myself stalling with The Fire Starter Sessions by Daniella LaPorte, but that’s still a few books away. Next up I’m finishing Remarkability By Lorraine Murphy plus a few fiction novels thrown in there. Keep an eye out for more books I’m reading.

Definitely grab a copy of this wonderful book too, because you’ll definitely walk away with some great nuggets from it.

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