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My Playlist: NaNoWriMo Novels

Music is essential to my writing, I’ve said it before and I will happily say it again. I can write in crowded rooms without much of an issue, even really loud thumpy music, I’ve learned to tune out the whole world. I think part of that is because I’ve worked in retail for seven years with music playing for eight hours straight and I learned to block out a lot of what’s played out of necessity of being able to survive through the entire shift, or it could have been that as I was getting into reading, I was blasting the music in the background, something about silences terrifies me, it seems. Anyway here are my two playlists for NaNoWriMo.

Novel one:

  • Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling featuring Lzzy Hale
  • Sweet Dreams (are made of these) – Emily Browning
  • Push the Button – Amy Lee
  • Lockdown – Amy Lee featuring Dave Eggar
  • Too Close – Alex Clare
  • Neon – Versa
  • Nightscape – There for Tomorrow
  • Waiting Game – Banks
  • Fresh Start Fever – You Me At Six
  • Room to Breathe – You Me At Six
  • Heavy in my Arms – Florence + The Machine
  • What the Water Gave Me – Florence + The Machine
  • No Light, No Light – Florence + The Machine
  • Howl – Florence + The Machine
  • Drumming Song – Florence + The Machine
  • Binding – Florence + The Machine
  • Lady in Black – There for Tomorrow (plus also the acoustic)
  • Tome – There for Tomorrow
  • Angel Eyes – News Years Day featuring Chris Motionless
  • Other Side – New Years Day
  • Sick Like Me – In This Moment
  • Love you Anyway – Ji Nilsson and Marlene
  • I Do This For You – Marlene
  • Stay Awake – Marlene
  • Skylight – Elin Lanto
  • Initiation – Crown the Empire
  • Machines – Crown the Empire
  • Rise of the Runaways – Crown the Empire
  • The Phoenix Reborn – Crown the Empire
  • Voices – Crown the Empire
  • Johnny Ringo
  • Let Me Out – The Veronicas
  • Line of Fire – The Veronicas

Novel Two:

  • Waiting Game – Banks
  • Go – Delilah
  • This is What it Feels Like – Banks
  • Change – Banks
  • Goddess – Banks
  • Begging for Thread – Banks
  • Drowning – Banks
  • Bedroom Wall – Banks

I found it pretty interesting to write to the different playlists. Seriously, if haven’t heard of Banks yet, you need to get on the Banks train because she’s amazing! Also note that with the first novel I had to keep switching narrators and I had to keep switching between softer and harder music. Do you guys write to music? Or does it stress you out? Let me know how you deal with writing with music or in silence down below in the comments.

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