Writing Wrap Up February Week 3

I’m trying to get in the habit of doing these, but it’s been quite hard with the podcast editing and general life stuff. But we’re here and we’re doing this.

I’ve been trying to go through and edit my novel and it’s a bit of a slow process. I’ve been toying with deleting chapters and once I did I had the instant regret and brought it back again. So it’s meant that I deleted a lot more words than I wrote this week but it was worth it because now I’ve got a better heading on the flashback that I was currently stuck on because I have actually been all over the place with it because I wanted to delete the scene because I didn’t think it had anything to offer the book but after thinking abou tit it actually did.

It showed a lot about my trio’s friendship and was the introduction of my MC’s lover. Or at least in the form that he is.

The daily break down looks like this:

  • Saturday – 388
  • Sunday – 487
  • Monday – 0
  • Tuesday – 659
  • Wednesday – 61
  • Thursday – 0
  • Friday – 0

It’s not by far my best, but I am still recovering from the cold I had so I’m a little more forgiving and on Wednesday I deleted a lot more than I wrote. This is a side effect of editing. If this was a first draft there would be a lot more writing than deleting but this is what it is.

I’ve also did some blog posts that I didn’t count, and by didn’t I mean I forgot to.

I have some bigger goals this week, I’m hoping to his some bigger numbers because I’m going to be getting some serious chapters done, because I’m going to need to move my butt if I want to hit my publication date that I have. Which, once I have a bit more of momentum with my edits, I’ll start to be able to talk about what is happening behind the scenes.

That’s enough from me, I want to hear about you. How has your writing been this past week?

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