Journal Writing Versus Writing Practice

Episode 003

Welcome back to the Writing Apothecary Podcast.

On today’s episode we’re looking at journal writing versus writing practice and we touch on the differences between them.

Journal writing has always been a bit scary for me, because I just didn’t really like the idea of diving deeper . It’s an avenue that allows us to express ourselves and understand more about who we are. Getting your thoughts down on the page is important, because you can sift through the noise and explore the different things that come up and shift through them.

It’s like shitty first drafts, we have to get them out and then sift through them to find the gold. Journal writing is much the same.

Where as writing practice is about finding out about your writerly voice. It’s about telling your stories in a creative way to explore how it works. It’ll allow you to explore your writerly voice and get the hang of it.

Exploring your writing practice allows you writerly voice to shine through. You then have the ability to be distinguished as readers pick up your books and have the ability to know that it’s your own writerly voice and not one that isn’t you.

It’s also a really great way on how to stretch yourself and expand on your own writing. I know that this is something that I like to do as a writer and stretching myself and your own writing only makes you a better writer.

To help with this, I’ve listed some resources below. There’s also a link to the writing prompts that I’m going to update over time. Try your hand at them.

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