The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

I am so late on the trend here. But I have my reasons! I was waiting for my brother to finish reading the book because he got it first and I was trying really hard not to just take it from him and read it. In the end he bought me a copy because he knew he was getting through it really slowly, so thanks Pete!

I really enjoyed it and there was a lot of tips in the book that I have heard before and maybe it’s because a lot of the people I follow and read referenced him quite a bit too. I didn’t love his voice though. He’s quite masculine and after the first chapter I was hooked but that first chapter was pretty hard for me to get through.

It was a fairly easy read and honestly? I don’t know how much I retained. I leant the book out to my brother in law and he is reading at the moment so I can’t flick through it but I did find that there was some great take aways from it. I don’t know if I would find myself re-reading it though. Maybe pick up in times of need to sit down and read it again but I don’t really know if I can sit down and read it again.

Controversial? Maybe but I’m pretty particular with books. I do want to read his next book to see what I can get out it. I think the aqua colour of the cover is more inviting to me and I like orange but neon orange doesn’t really do much for me. Ha!

Have you guys read the book? What did you take from it? Let me know in the comments.

**side note I also always take photos of books, but like I said my brother in law still has it and he moving so it’s lost in the abyss of moving. Image is taken from Booktopia.

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