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Today’s post is a little special. I’ve been trying to rattle my friends for guest posts and when I say rattle it’s more like, hey you, write me a guest post. The next question I get is: about what? I kind of just stare at the screen when or them when that happens, because here are these amazing writer friends and their first question is about what?

My answer is anything! The brains of writer’s are freaking amazing. I am always and continually in love with the amazing brains of some of the beautiful writers in my life. So without further ado here’s Andy’s guest post.


Mandi asked me to write a guest post, and I hedged. When she asked me why I was hesitant I wasn’t entirely sure. I think it was because of my own inexperience, really, what do I have to share, what can I say that is of interest, or useful, to burgeoning or even established writers out there?

I’m not the most eloquent writer, not the most well read, or articulate, I don’t have the greatest grasp of grammar and punctuation (don’t get me wrong, I’m ok at all of these things, and constantly striving to do better). So again I have to ask myself, what wisdom, or insight do I have to share with anyone else? What even makes me think I’m qualified to say anything on the subject of writing?

I finally have an answer.

Who cares?

Here is what I know about this lunacy we call ‘writing’. I love it. I live it. I breathe it.

I write scenes that make me ashamed to have ever touched a pen. You know what these two things have in common? I write. I don’t stop. I don’t give up.

I will on occasion bemoan my fate, the abandonment of my muse, and the need to chain her down so I can tap her wellspring of creativity—but don’t we all?

The important thing is for good or bad, I write. On those beautiful dark dreary days when my life has gone to hell, I write. On those hideous days of bright blue skies, warm breezes and the laughter of children in the air, I write. A word a day, or ten thousand. It doesn’t matter. I write.

It’s a cliché. Every famous author that has taken to facebook, twitter, or journals has said the same thing.

The difference between an amateur writer and a professional writer? The professional didn’t give up. They didn’t stop when they hit a wendigo in the road, they didn’t stop when the trolls ripped their beloved work to shreds; they didn’t stop, period.

Here is where I’ll add my two cents.

So what if it sounds like a ludicrous failure in the making? Who cares if you think anyone else wants to read it or not. Are you writing to be rich and famous? Or for the sheer love of crafting the written word into a tale dredged from the depths of your imagination.

Write what you’re passionate about—because if you love what you create, it doesn’t matter if you don’t think there’s an audience for it. Write what you’re passionate about, and let the readers come to you, let them feel your passion, your interest. Because if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing? Why should they be?

I write about rampaging werewolves (so what if it’s done to death? It’s what I love). I write about sexually transmitted psychic powers; right now you’re thinking you read that wrong, but you didn’t. I write about zombies, vampires, lesbians, human and not so human rights, I twist biblical lore to suit my needs, and I don’t give a damn if somebody hates it because someone else out there is going to love it (even if it’s just me!)

Again I want to bring your attention to the key part of what I write; I write.

Maybe this will resonate with you, maybe it won’t.

Be passionate, have fun, be crazy and wild.

This guest post was made by an author you’ve never heard of, but hey if you’re reading this maybe one day I’ll be walking through a bookstore and see your book on the shelf. I won’t know who you are either, but if you’ve written a book your passionate about, I’m sure I’ll love it.


Andrew Irvine is the dude in a hat. To find out more about him hit up his website and if you want to get your hands on his books click this link.

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