Today’s Writing Wednesday piece is about something I know that everyone can’t live without! Food! I know, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have […]

Finding The Write Distance

It’s no surprise that I love writing fiction. And I know that what I do isn’t perfect, it’s why editing exists because you need to keep remoulding, revising and revitalising […]

  I’m in Adelaide for the Writers’ Week that starts on Saturday and I’m a little excited to get to volunteer for it. Woop but in saying that today’s Writing […]

  Today’s Writing Wednesday piece is all about prettiness and flowers. Flowers lighten up a room and I’ve come so used to buying them for myself that I stray from […]

  It’s the month of loooove and today’s Writing Wednesday is all about the colour red. Your character wakes up in a bed of red satin with no memory of […]

I can sense a bit of a theme with this month’s Writing Wednesday. I’m so glad that it’s summer so I’m a little bit obsessed with the beach. It’s my […]

My Writing Ritual Practice

And it’s another year! Yeah! Bring it on. I’m really excited about the year that’s about to come. There are so many great and exciting things I have in the […]

NaNoWriMo is done, now what?

So now we’re out of November, the happiest writing month around as far as I’m concern, and now left to twiddle our thumbs, blink rapidly and try and find what […]