Book Review: Write Every Day

I stumbled along this book while I was looking for bottles at Target, and I was a bit wary about this. Mostly because it was so ridiculously bright and because I groaned about yet another book about Creative Writing. Pale purple with a big pop of almost neon orange are definitely not something that makes me want to buy a book. I know, we’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s be real, we all do it and that’s something that isn’t going to change for me. I will admit that I have bought my fair few books that are just plain pretty and have been disappointed by or absolutely loved them.

Write Every Day: Daily Practice to Kickstart your Creative Writing is a really great book and I’m glad that I still picked it up even as I had hesitations. The book is compromised of what I would call basic knowledge. I feel that if you’re new to writing it’s definitely a book you need in your writer’s bookshelf.

Griffey has broken down the book into parts which are: Voice, Narrative, Plot & Structure, Character, Dialogue, Point of View, Place, Fact, Fiction, Prose, Poetry and Memoir. It’s also summarised with an introduction and a conclusion. It’s a really well-written book with loads of neat journaling prompts and exercises to help you get started as a write.

The book is full of handy tips, but I think what really shines with this is it’s use of illustration, break out sections and journaling prompts make it fun to read through and I went through it quite quickly. I didn’t do the exercises, but I think that it would take a bit if you did sit down and actually go through it bit by bit.

My favourite chapter was would have to be the narrative chapter with voice really close second. Having done further study and learned different aspects of voice and narrative I really appreciate the basics and how they’re a good standing foot, but once you learn something, you can’t unlearn so while I see the basics as being great, I know that there is more to it and what is in the book is barely scratching the surface. That’s something that I want to explore and slow I will, but it does take a lot to do, it is something that I’m trying to cover in my coaching and my offerings.

Stay tuned about that.

But like I mentioned at the start, this book is definitely one to have in your armoury. It’s inexpensive and a great way to start your journey to come.

If you’ve read it, let me know what your best take aways were down below.

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