Walking In This World – Week 6

This week is all about discovering a sense of boundaries and how exciting this week was. This book has seriously come into my life at the right time because I’m fist pumping and hollering with every essay and every piece of writing in here. I don’t think this happens very often with me, mostly I have to re-read things a few times to have them sink in. Cameron speaks about containment, inflow and day jobs. Really important things that I’m struggling with right now, we’re in Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne and I’m juggling the icky feelings that’s going on and being one of the lucky ones who’s retail job is still trading. It’s tough.  

How many days this week did you do your Morning Pages?

I am actually really sad to say that my morning pages has dropped off a lot this week. I’ve been mostly anxious with a lot of work stuff and my own racing mind so I’ve been a bit scattered, but I did have the intention there with me. That counts for something, right?

Did you do your Artist’s Date this week?

A local trip to the supermarket? You bet. Ha! These are a bit superfluous at the moment. Such a shame because I’d have some wicked artist’s dates planned.

Did you get out on your Weekly Walk?

These are almost daily walks, but it’s harder as I’m not alone most times, which is actually fine, but I’m finding that there is definitely resistance there when it comes to exercise at the moment. I’m a bit over it and really miss boxing.

Were there any other issues this week that felt significant to you in your self-discovery?

I think I’m, again, coming to terms that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Working slowly and getting back into my creativity is something that is important and I like that it’s coming back to me, bit by bit. It’s really nice.

Mandi is a writer, reader, dreamer and is breaking procrastinating inner editors, one at a time.

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