Creativity: The Monster That Is

Creativity: The Monster That Is

Creativity is always changing.

It’s beautiful and dangerous. It’s never tied down and it’s ever flowing, but do we always listen to its call?

Many of us don’t like to listen to it. Or even acknowledge that it’s there. I feel that lawyers, doctors and the likes all ignore the call of creativity in favour for something that is rigid and structured, don’t get me wrong I know a lot of lawyers and doctors and the like and they LOVE what they’re doing. It gives them the same rush that I get out of sitting down and doing the work, so who am I to talk?

But I really want to get in deep with what creativity really IS.

I studied it in Uni and it’s hard to wrap my head around it so I’m going to sum up a little about it from the Wikipedia page, which I’ll leave in the bottom as a reference, and before you roll your eyes at the thought of a Wikipedia site, my lecturer, who has a phD, commented that it’s the best page that he’s ever found and referenced it throughout the subject, so it has a doc’s stamp of approval, it’s definitely damn good for me.

Creativity is the phenomenon where something new is created or something valued is formed, whether this is something tangible (eg theory, idea, joke etc) or physical (book, product etc). But even that doesn’t really tell us WHAT creativity is on a level that we can wrap our heads around. Maybe that’s because there isn’t a way to put it into words, it’s the spark that randomly happens and brings us beautiful works of art.

Now what does that mean for you if it’s something that isn’t easy to wrap our heads around?

Abso-freaking-lutely nothing.

Creativity is ever changing, we can define it any real way we like. Nothing tells us we have to put it down like it’s something that is set in concrete.

For me creativity is beauty, it’s find the moments where creation is in it’s biggest and happiest moments. I’ve dug into what my writing process check the (reference list at the bottom) and I can tell you, that I’m a little sick of my process because sometimes it gets talked to death, so I hit my tribe and the beautiful group of ladies in the BEBH group to ask them about how they find creativity and what they really feel they get and I will even add in bits about my own creativity at the bottom, because you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want me to at least talk a little about my creativity (or at least I’d like to think so!)

A lot of people tap into their creativity in different way, some of the most helpful ways, I find, are writing prompts and that is the exact reason why every Wednesday I bring out a different prompt to help facilitate this process.

I’m always really fascinated in the minds of others and what they do to get their creative insides really raring to go.

Katie says that using a writing prompt is a much gentler way of sitting down and doing the work when it comes to pumping out an blog post.

Viknes says that she uses painting as a way to kick start her creativity. She’ll draw on /doodle on a separate piece of paper until the words come. (I really think this is beautiful, I used to love painting, something about smooshing colours together really is gorgeous). She also uses meditation as a way to find them.

Danielle has made writing her focus and uses meditation to really get down and dirty with her words. She also mentions that using stream of consciousness is a great way to get out some good ideas and find the gold in the jumble of roughness.

Leah takes it outside and gets out into nature, she “tries” to stop her thoughts and let’s it come to her, and because of this always carries a notebook on her or has Evernote at the ready on her phone.

Erin‘s mind hates being messy, her space being clean, her tea hot and her body stretched and when she surrenders to the process, doesn’t force anything, it all comes flowing. It’s such a beautiful dichotomy of a beautiful process.

Jane likes to procrastinate, a lot (story of my life), and she will take down notes and either lock herself away on post day and crank it out or she’ll post it out right away if she has the inspiration.

Susan said that sometimes being bored allows creativity to flow free, which I found really interesting. She made me think back to being a child, I was left to my own devices a lot and give the freedom to do whatever I wanted, i didn’t think I was ever bored, but maybe that was because when I was bored i slipped into creativity.

Millie is practical and gets down to it, she sits down with the purpose to let it all spill out of her fingers tips but when she is stuck she does find that getting up out of her normal zone helps. She’ll go for a walk in nature, or sit down and listen to music and try her hand at being mindful.

Rachel started carrying a notebook around with her and started to jot down lots of conversation, some which were imaginary, and found some really beautiful insights, this is very ala Anne Lamott, who did so for a while and came up with some stunning realisations.

Moving out of my comfort zone is something that really helps amp up my creativity when I’m stuck but what really gets ME going is mundane chores. Yup. I’ve had some of my best ideas come to me while I was hanging out the washing (my favourite idea hoarder time, I’ve even been tempted to write a scene where one of my main protagonists are hanging the washing and talking to another…I thought against it for better reasons.) Washing dishes has been a hard one, especially when an idea comes to mind and I’m scrambling to not cut myself with cutlery, turn off water and get my hands dry in time to scribble down what the idea is.

Creativity is HUGE. It’s not something that can be pinned down and I wouldn’t want it to be because it’s beautiful like that.

Do this for me: Sit down and map our your creative process. Really sink into and feel it then come back and tell me what it is. Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to get more input and see how you work. 

Also just a quick reminder, my editing calendar is open! And I have a few spots left, if you want to work with me, make sure you jump on them. 

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