Break-Ups and Breakthroughs by Lisa Messenger

Collective Hub bring out such beautiful books and Lisa Messenger knows what she’s doing. I think that this book is a really great book to look back on and when you’re having a hard time going through a break-up, no matter if it’s a friendship or if it’s a relationship. The book is broken down into 50 tips to help you recover from the break-up and get back on top.

What I also really love that is a lot of her books, if not most of her recent ones have all been written in real time and this one was written after her big break up with her fiancé. She channels it into great and practical advice that will allow you to move forward and get some amazing breakthroughs with what’s to come as a result of breaking down.

I love that this is set up like this because now that I’m finished with it I know that if I’m having an off day I can just flick open a page and get some wisdom from the pages.

It has a lot of really practical advice like number 22. Surrender and number 46. Value yourself and number 8. Remove triggers they are just the ones that I flicked open to.

This is such a great book to grab if you’re coming out of a chapter in your life ending and you want to start a new beginning.

What’s been your biggest breakthrough in 2020?

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