NaNo Diaries 2017 – Day 22

This story really won’t write itself. Travis and I have, what seems to be, a really tough relationship. He won’t let me know more about him and he won’t let me write his story without some serious resistance here and it’s starting to get on my nerves. I started to get somewhere and then it seems like anything and everything that can distract me will be able to distract me.

I did manage a solid writing session and I really wanted to go to the write in at my old uni today, but I was on waiting for a delivery duty, which didn’t come until like 3pm, so I could have totally gone to the write in and been back in time, but it doesn’t matter. It happened.

I actually gave up on writing tonight and took a step away to plot out some points with my sharpies and post it notes. I love that I have mirrored wardrobes because I have an entire surface to just put all of my post it notes on. So far I’ve got more Travis notes than Milena but that’s always the case with new characters because Travis is one of the original crew members. It’s something that I’ll definitely work on. But here’s hoping tomorrow is a little better writing wise.

I’m also going to do a day in the life with my writing on Friday before the retail job. I always find it fun and really it’s probably just a way to procrastinate but I like talking about my story. Follow along with me: @mandikont

Words: 2427

Distractions: Gym, food, hair cut, flower delivery, boyfriend, shopping, tv shows…yeah today was a bad day.

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