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The Blog Hop: Four Secrets About My Writing Process

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So today I’m actually excited and doing something very different. Finally scanning through my reader on here, I found that Tom had tagged me in a blog hop where I’m spilling some close kept secrets (or not, because I had no secrets on this blog, ha!) about my writing process. This is going to be a little jittery but hey, let’s go!

What are you working on?

Currently I’m working on my first novel’s second draft. It’s been a beast in the making but I’ve also got so many different ideas running through my head. Like today I was walking in the rain and had a cool scene in my head. It may be in another novel or it may be a short story. It’s so hard to sit down and write short stories because I like to explain things and set the scene. Short stories are almost useless to me because of their short nature. I really need to stop thinking that. Oh I’ve also go a passion project going that was a result of a dream.

I also seem to have notes for two non-fiction novels. One is going to be a gift, the other is a gorgeous collaboration with my bestie.

How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I hate genre norms. Hate them. I’m trying to marry about a bazillion things into one. And I don’t hate them because they’re tropes, I just hate clichés. I had my mentor tell me that I had a Bella/Edward/Jacob relationship going on and that actually made me recoil because that is not my genre and I really don’t like the dynamics of that relationship. So I’ve tried to stray away from the typical triangle, it’s still there but I’m trying to make it seem a lot less Twilighty.

Why do you write what you write?

Why do I breathe the way I do? Why do I go to the gym and get results? I feel like this question is such a no brainer. Writing has always kept me sane, even before I realised I loved it. I’ve always wanted to tell a story, it’s like it’s in my blood. I don’t care that I may never make enough money to live off my novels, I strive to make a difference in someone’s life. I know that out there, there is a girl who has felt just like I have, bullied, had the world turn against them, but turning to something as an escape helps heal.

To me writing is an escape. It’s the one place where no one can touch me; where no one can actually tear me down and money worries don’t factor into my life. I can play god and make things happen. The subject matter has never mattered to me (although don’t ask me to try and write outside of my genre, pleaaasee, I will complain and moan but I will do it), being able to make someone feel something is what I am to do. I love making people physically ill with descriptions or make a teacher check my wrists. That is the kind of high that I love.

How was does your writing process work?

This has actually changed. A lot. I used to write just however I felt. I would write out of order and just write to get the story down and while I love this and still do it sometimes. I’ve learned how to write linearly. Basically I need music, I need just the right kind of music and then I sit and write. Some days are hard (action scenes are a bitch to write for me at the moment), some days the momentum is just too great and I can pump out a good chunk of words. But I’m learning that sometimes doing research as I go is a lot easier than doing it all before. It’s hard to really to tell. Each piece is different and I think my writing process changes to reflect that.

I do know that sometimes, or a lot of the time, I procrastinate a hell of a lot more than I should. I need to cut back on that.


So there you go, that’s me! Thanks Tom for throwing my name up there. It’s funny that something such as writing can bring some people together, making friends and all that jazz.

Now I’m passing the baton (I feel like I’m back in relay races) to the following lovely ladies:

Mikki at Black Quill Ink

I met Mikki at uni and while she may seem shy and unapproachable she is actually one rockingly strong and beautiful woman. I admire how far she has come and her writing, oh my gosh, I love her writing. She always has a really unique and fresh voice.

Av at Philharomic Heart Strings 

This dreamer (if you haven’t seen it check out her Sharing Sunday post!) is amazing and wonderful all wrapped up in neat tiny person. I love her to death. It’s so easy to talk to her and I really love her writing, even when all I can hear is her voice! Which I guess is a good thing!

Lynda at Reading, Writing and Learning

This might come as a surprise to her (or maybe not) but I was actually intimidated by her, I think it was because she was older and seemed outspoke (I’m really not all that socialable…ha!) but after spending time with her recording her piece for FTCM and spending weekly catch ups during Nano. I’ve learned that she (and her husband) has a charm and wit that I admire. And she’s so gung ho about opportunities too, which is fantastic!

Mandi is a writer, reader, dreamer and is breaking procrastinating inner editors, one at a time.


  • mikkijoiner

    Shy and unapproachable? Ha, that is exactly me in a nutshell 🙂
    I also hate genre norms, and I hate how certain genres get put in these little boxes because of one or two books within their category. Some of them are really formulaic but others a fresh and intriguing and completely brilliant and shouldn’t be written off because of the others (this happens heaps in the fantasy genre.)
    Thanks for the tag, Mandi.

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