dreaming fully awake

Facing Fear

I’ve been having some doubts and it’s not about my writing. That I have down packed. It’s about sharing it. I can happily write blog posts and talk to people, […]

Writing Wednesday

  Oh look at that, new picture for Writing Wednesday. Yup! I’m bringing out some of my own prompts too. I really don’t want to have my butt kicked for […]

Writing Schedule

Okay I’m putting my foot down and starting a writing schedule. I haven’t done it in the past but I’m going to have to learn, I’m getting sick of this […]

Following my Dreams

I vowed to stop doing writing and reading when I eat, it’s not very beneficial to being present in a meal, but sometimes I get the most vivid of ideas […]

Embracing what you have

  Just as a side note, before I start today’s blog post, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve moved over to a new place. I’m now a dot com and I’ve […]