It’s the month of loooove and today’s Writing Wednesday is all about the colour red. Your character wakes up in a bed of red satin with no memory of […]

Following my Dreams

I vowed to stop doing writing and reading when I eat, it’s not very beneficial to being present in a meal, but sometimes I get the most vivid of ideas […]

Embracing what you have

  Just as a side note, before I start today’s blog post, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve moved over to a new place. I’m now a dot com and I’ve […]

Sharing Sunday - Grief

  The next dreamer on the list is Jerrie. We share a mutual acquaintance in the form of retail jobs and had a swell time sitting next to each other in […]

My beautiful friend Av is my first victim  dreamer for my weekly Sharing Sunday segment and I have to say that I love her. She is such a beautiful and authentic soul […]

    Look at this, two posts in one day. Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted has both inspired me and terrified me. I spent the good part of today being anxious as […]

I had a great day yesterday. I got up, blogged, wrote, chatted, pulled an oracle card out (I lovelovelove  my mermaid deck) and meditated, all before I left to go […]