I’ve been pondering a lot lately (also I’ve been way busy with the last crazy semester of my course.) I made the actuve decision somewhere during this year to be […]

I’ve waited years for a Tohrment’s book, he is one of my favourite characters and I was so cut when the events that happened early on in the series so […]

I just felt like i was logging into tumblr when i logged on here…wow. Everything is starting to look the same on the internet…this is not good! Fleeee! Okay rant […]

Bounce Books

  So my amazing lecture and fellow audio editor on From the Courses Mouth, came to me with an offer about an internship, which was hilariously timed, because I was […]

There are things that I really dislike, one of them is thinking too hard about an idea. Ideas for stories, novels, even RP posts don’t come from me dwelling on […]