Sharing Sunday – Jorja’s Poem

Sharing Sunday - Jorja's Poem

This weeks Sharing Sunday piece is one by a family friend of mine. His daughter, Jorja, has Angelman Syndrome and hasn’t had the easiest of starts to life but that doesn’t make her any more beautiful. I’ve watched her grow from a baby and it’s astounding at how tall she is and how gorgeous and room brightening her smile is. She truly is a joy to be around. I should warn you, this poem made me teary, so make sure you bring some tissues along for the ride. Leave Vange a message in the comments and if you’re interested in helping find a cure, reach out, educate people, it helps.

Jorja’s Poem

My daughters name is Jorja, and she is a real social butterfly.

She is almost 8 now, and when we go out in public she demands everyone’s attention.

As she gets older, she is noticing a different reaction to her overtures.

She gets this look on her face that says a thousand words, I have tried to translate that look for her: I see you, I see you

You over there

Don’t just look then look away I have a lot to share .

I smile and a giggle

Before its too late Come and say hello I don’t discriminate I promise I won’t hurt you And I’m sure after we meet

You’ll have a better day

A new spring in your feet.

That awkwardness and fear

Will simply fade away

You’ll realise, just like you I’m living day by day.

do not see our difference

There’s so much more the same

Life, love, friends and family

A mum, a dad, a name

And next time you meet one like me

You won’t look then look away

Just to be treated like everyone else

Would mean more than words can say.

From Jorja

About the Dreamer

Vange Ignatiou is a husband, Port support, business owner and the proud father to Jorja and Max.

Mandi is a writer, reader, dreamer and is breaking procrastinating inner editors, one at a time.

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