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NaNoWriMo and finishing my first draft

It’s been three days since I reached 50k. I bet my last record by a day and learned a heck of a lot from it. One plot holes make me stress like it’s nobodies business. Second, editing as you go, really does suck. How do people do it?

The other HUGE thing that happened was that I FINALLY finished the first draft of my manuscript. (Technically it’s like my second for most of my novel, but shhh!) I went to visit the ever lovely Peta in Bendigo (I love going to see her and her family, I feel like I’m apart of it all!) and I pretty much used it as a way to spend time with her and write, write, write. It was amazing. I don’t know what it is about her house but it’s a beautiful place to write in. The weather was also nice!

I can’t remember what time it was but some time after 12 on the 8th I wrote The End in my manuscript. I think I sat there a little dumbfounded before I tapped Peta to tell her. I squealed and sat in disbelief, before her Mum came into the room (i thought i woke her up!) and she gave me a hug, congratulated me and went back to bed. It was amazing. (In the morning she told us that she just felt that I had done something and gotten up to hug, she’s so intuitive!) I have now spent two days just doing no writing. I went through and fixed all of the spelling mistakes that were done in a rush and transferred it into word. It’s read to print off. At 363 pages. I actually stared. I didn’t think it was going to be that much.

But Nano is far from over and I have another story in mind. It came from a dream (and iI hate admitting that because of the whole Stephenie Meyer thing, I respect her because she just wrote and made it, but people just groan at her!) and my unconscious freaking out about the crazy assed winds we had in Melbourne a month or so ago. Sometimes my lovely brain has nice way of making things happen in my dreams (last night Cosentino was in my dream telling me that he was disappointed that I hadn’t told him I loved him back. I WOULD HAVE, I WOULD HAVE! Heissocute!) So I’ve now got a pretty fancy idea and I’m trying to make it work, it’s a little odd though and finding out that I adore mythology in any form is kind of awesome! I found a Finnish god that is going to rock this story.

I’m also going to be making a special guest appearance at a few of the nano things back home as i go home for my cousin’s engagement party! A little excited! Big plans are coming around!

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