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Exciting Edits

First draft!

So this is the first copy of my draft. It’s taken me a year to write the it from start to finish (the last 53,000 was done for NaNoWriMo this year). This is a little earlier than I would have liked but I’m on a little deadline that involves throwing my very rough draft and putting it in the hands of my lecturers for a chance to win a manuscript appraisal, which would be invaluable feedback, good or bad. So here it is. It’s 323 pages long and it’s huge. I went with M to go and pick up our t-shirts for the Color Run tomorrow and made the stop at Officeworks to print this baby off. I think secretly he was way more excited than I was, which in turn made me MORE excited.

I’ve been reading On Writing by Stephen King and it’s made me so excited to get into this. The only problem with this is that I am about to move out of my box of a room and into an apartment with S and I’m struggling to find time between furniture shopping, packing and working to find time to sit down and do it all read it all in one sitting (I’m also trying to find time to do the FTCM site stuff that was like due 3 weeks ago. Forgive me Alice!)

So between moving, working (doing FTCM site stuff), writing for the rest of Nano and packing things are going to get a little hectic. Let’s do this! Wish me luck.

Flipping pages

ps. I need a signature. I have to work on that. Yes.

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