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NaNo Diaries 2017 – Day 15

My, my, my, it was a really strange writing session, mostly because I killed off a few characters and finished SS. One of my characters that I killed off has actually been with me since the inception of this long narrative, so 15 years ago I came up with this character, along with two others and I had to kill them off. I realised it last year when I was writing this story but I guess the knowledge of that didn’t really sink in and I was actually upset. It was a hard character to part with and I’m trying really hard to keep the lid on who it is because they’re a big part of the overarching series and this is why it’s been such a problem. It would be like JK Rowling killing Harry, Hermione or Ron, it’s actually pretty devastating.

While I was in the write in I procrastinated, I checked Twitter, Instagram, I even texted people to try and get away with not writing it but sometimes the hardest things to do when it comes to writing is actually…you know…the writing?

I hunkered down and did it. I actually did it in two chapters and shifted between Hunter and Lucy’s PoV to really get the most out of the scene. I know when I come back to it to edit it I’m going to be in tears because it gave me goosebumps (it could have also been the room that was pretty cold) and I was near tears but the story ended in a way that was a full circle and for now that main narrative is finished, but know knows, I maybe come away with something more.

I did a lot of words in a short period of time, not my best but it was definitely a nice boost. So, while I’d finished it I was ready for the next chapter. I have to dive back into a story that I’ve already got 87,000 words in and basically scrap them all. I have to start again, age the story up and completely rewrite it. I’ve faltered on it a little, but today I’m going to make it work.

Words: 6,153

Distractions: 4

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