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Inside the mad rush for 50k – NaNoWriMo 2014

Inside the made rush for 50k - NaNoWriMo 2014

So before I started writing for NaNoWriMo this year, I had decided I was going to try and update every day to see how I go with things. Guess what happened?

Yeah, you guessed right. This little writer got herself so caught up in writing that I did nothing but write. And eat. And sleep. And write some more.I reached 50k at the start of this morning, but I’m technically counting it as three days, because really, that’s all it’s been to me.

This story took my by surprise in many ways. Firstly Devin’s story is supposed to be the third book in my series, but secondly it’s got different points of view and I’ve never written different PoV’s, but I’ve never written in a male and female PoV in one book. Ever. And that’s not all. The female PoV was harder than the male. What the hell? Anyone who knows me will understand what I mean. It’s taken me way out of my comfort zone this year, but that’s part of the fun. A lot of people hit the week two wall where they hate what they’ve written, but I didn’t. I just found myself huhing along with what my characters were doing. I had a funny moment last night that involved a devil like monster and a chase in a car! So far, all  of this NaNo has been surprisingly really awesome. I can’t really give you a play by play run through of what happened because yesterday involved a huge distraction. Peta will understand what I’m talking about. But most if it was writing until I got to midnight and then writing until I didn’t make sense. Last night it was 1:30am where I magically switched from first person narration to third and didn’t realise it until I woke up this morning. Just a little bit hectic there.

I’m really loving being able to explore Devin and Acionna (pronounced A-Show-Nah) and their relationship to one another. As I was writing I found out that the pair of them have the same scars but they manifest differently and can help one another. Acionna can particularly help Devin because she’s been groomed to do what he’s about to take on (how’s that for no spoilers?) but he’s unsure and keeps pushing her away. That’s something that I find really frustrating with him and I keep yelling at him to actually stop, but what is a character going to do? They’re not going to listen to me.

I’m not even half way through this book and I’m already struggling to figure out how to make it all work. I also haven’t put all of the plot points that are lined up on my door, which proves to me that this book is going to be massive or that Devin needs to stop thinking like a guy most of the time.

How are all of you doing with your NaNo endeavours? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about it all.

Oh! And In case you’re wondering, have a look for fadedfragment88 on the NaNo site (if it stops glitching!) and add me. I’d love to be able to chat with you guys.



I’m pretty sure there are spelling mistakes and stuff in this post but my fingers are still tingling from the days of writing! I’m sorry!

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