Ideas Series – What Is An Idea?




1. a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

2. the aim or purpose

I googled idea and this popped up. I thought it was fitting to start the first of my ideas project with what an idea is. So here is are a few words that come┬átogether when you throw in the first half of Wiki’s page on ideas.



While I was reading it, it got me thinking. I did a class last year on creativity and ideas. A lot of it was technical (and I may very well try and dig it up) but it was all really amazing interesting. A lot of it went over my head the first time but the concept behind the class. Wow it was mind blowing and I know a lot of us in the class felt the same way. it was hard and by the end of the four hour class we were all mentally strained, but it was great.

Where do ideas really come from? How do they happen? When do you know you have an idea? It’s all fantastic really, and it’s actually a lot more in depth that I thought I would go. I’m currently debating about how deep I need to go. Show I go all technical and theoretical? Or should I stay with the outline that I have? I’m leaning towards the first, which is actually really odd for me because I’m not a technical or theoretical kind of person.

See that’s the thing about ideas, they start out as an ember and they grow, mould, shape and change with different influences, different thoughts.

How it’ll work:

So my plans for this is to bring out series. I have the process of how a book is written, broken down, and I’m going to publish it in stages so that everyone can see how it works for me and for others. Some of it may be long, some may be short, others might just be a simple diagram or something of the sort. Who knows? I’m winging this and making it up as I go. Today is the start of my Ideas Series. If you’re on this journey with me, let me know. I’d love to find out what you think.

Happy Ideas Series!


  1. Is the class you’re referring to Creative Project? With the utterly fantastic Dr. Adam Casey? If so, I too am thoroughly enjoying that class, and I think this blog series sounds fantastic. I’ve always been interested in writers’ working habits and the steps that lead them to their grandest ideas. Looking forward to it!


    1. We had Michael last year but it might be similar? I’m not sure. I wasn’t a big fan of Adam at times. He’s good but I had a issue with him! But I do love the idea of getting behind the screens and finding out what and how someone can write what they write and why. It’s all just so enlightening!


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