Believe In Yourself & Do What You Love by Kate James

I have a book problem. It’s not like I hide it but there is a problem where I tend to buy books that I think will love and most of them (at the moment anyway) are self-help book which is not a bad thing, only when you have same brainness with your bestie and she rocks up with two books that you already own. Oh, the giggles, I actually made a bit of a promise to myself this year, but knowing me I probably won’t keep it because I’m fancy like that. And I’m really just addicted to buying books, but it’s to not buy any more self-help books until I can get through the ones I already have. And the list is pretty extensive.

And the list is pretty extensive.

And My Wishlist on Book Depository is getting bigger because of it. Don’t even.

But this book I was gifted by my lovely friend Kylie (one of the two Kylie’s that make up Kylie squared) at Be Present and I was pretty excited because I don’t actually get gifted a lot of books. Most people tend to go for other options. Like for my 21st I actually made a list because people were wondering what to get me. I listed all of the books I wanted first, because I thought people would get that I wanted books. But everyone got me perfume and a few of the books I wanted, which is not a bad thing. I’m very grateful for all of the gifts I received. I smelled like Britney Spears Believe for years as I got through the three bottles.

I digressed again, didn’t I? Okay, back to it. I did, not even sorry.

Here’s my review on Believe in Yourself & Do What you Love by Kate James

I picked this book to be the first of my reading for the year because it was one that I knew I could get through pretty fast and I did. It was such a wonderful and uplifting book. It’s full of great mantras and easy exercises because sometimes sitting down and doing the work is really hard.

What I loved the most, though, was that it gave me permission (not that I look for that anymore…most of the time) to really love what I do.

Writing has always been my thing since I decided to pick up at pen at the age of 12. I didn’t think, back then, that I’d be this enamoured by or this deep into it. I didn’t really even think much about it back then. It wasn’t until I decided I wanted to really write a story, when I was 14, that I wanted to go further with this. I always thought that I’d be some psychologist but nope, I’m a writer (for a second there I also wanted to be a fashion designer, I know how to use boning and stitch real well).

I. Am. A. Proud. Writer.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

James’s book really reiterated that for me. The colourful and easy to digest pages make it a book I know I’ll go back to over and over again. In fact, it’s sitting on my shelf behind me with the books that are essential to my everyday life.

What books light you up and you have to have nearby? Let’s discuss this down below (plus it’s a chance for me to get more books onto my TBR shelf on Goodreads).

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