Writing Wednesday

Writing Wednesday


I need to stop listening to music that makes me want to run away and write for days and days on ends. Today’s Writing Wednesday prompt is courtesy of an amazing song. I can’t reveal it yet because it’s being featured in a post of mine!

Waiting for the End

Your character is waiting at the station for their lover. It’s growing colder and darker but they refuse to leave. What is so important? Explain it.

Good luck guys! Send me your tries to mandi@dreamingfullyawake.com or better yet supply them for #sharingsunday. Good luck!

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Sharing Sunday – Hydrosensual

Sharing Sunday - Hydrosensual


Ahhh, I do love it when my persistence finally gets through. I’ve been cajoling my writer friends for pieces from them because they all have such beautiful imagination and the world needs to see what’s happening inside their brains! I have writers, poets, singers, fashion designers and so many more but they’re all terrified of sharing their work. I’m not sure why, maybe they’re trying to find their feet, but nevertheless it doesn’t deter me from cajoling them. Today’s Sharing Sunday piece is by the lovely Jan. She comes across as intimidating when you first meet her because she’s loud and exuberant but quickly you realise that is part of her charm! Her pieces that I’m sharing with all of you today, is a … Click to Read More

Writing Wednesday

Writing Wednesday

It’s Writing Wednesday and while this is a little late today! Today’s prompt is all about dropping out of the now and into where you want to be.

Imagine you’re on a plane. Where is that plane going and what are you wearing?

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Sharing Sunday – Jorja’s Poem

Sharing Sunday - Jorja's Poem

This weeks Sharing Sunday piece is one by a family friend of mine. His daughter, Jorja, has Angelman Syndrome and hasn’t had the easiest of starts to life but that doesn’t make her any more beautiful. I’ve watched her grow from a baby and it’s astounding at how tall she is and how gorgeous and room brightening her smile is. She truly is a joy to be around. I should warn you, this poem made me teary, so make sure you bring some tissues along for the ride. Leave Vange a message in the comments and if you’re interested in helping find a cure, reach out, educate people, it helps.

Jorja’s Poem

My daughters name is Jorja, and she is a real social butterfly.

She Click to Read More

Counting Your Words: Tips on How to Get a Writing Habit Healthy

Counting Your Words Tips on How to Get a Writing Habit Healthy

I’ve been told by many, that I write a lot of words. My record is 1.4k in 15 minutes, I’m not bragging but my fingers and wrists were killing me after, it was stream of consciousness and I’m not sure how it even happened, but it did.

Do you know that writing is actually quite easy when you set goals that start out small, then gradually you build on it? NaNoWriMo is starting soon (and by soon I mean November, you’ve got time Dreamers) and it means it’s time for the plotting to start, but the writing frenzy of a month is built around the simple truth to writing: you have a daily word count (1667) and you have to leave your internal editor at … Click to Read More

Writing Wednesday

Writing Wednesday

It’s that time again, Writing Wednesday is here, it makes me look forward to hump day now, and today’s prompt is a the culmination of me watching far too much 24 in the last few days. I used to love that show and now that it’s got a new season going on (I think it might be finished already) but I thought I’d get through it all before. So here is your prompt. Good luck and send it to me (mandi@dreamingfullyawake.com) if you get done with it!

Your character is a secret government agent. In the future. They’re job is to make sure that their mission goes off without a hit, but their mission is to protect the one thing they swore they would never

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Writing Process Blog Hop

Writing Process

Thanks to the gorgeous soul that is Steph, I’ve got another blog hop. I sort of love these, purely because I have the chance to write more about my practice but also get to learn more about others. So watch out for the tags below, you might be one of them.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name’s Amanda Kontos, but I go by Mandi, and I’m a writer, editor and writing coach. I’m originally from Adelaide but currently reside Melbourne, where I’ve fallen in love with the city’s charm, hipster nature and great cafes. I write urban fantasy and enjoy breaking the mould with mythology and modern twists. It’s always been my calling. I also run Dreaming Fully Awake, my online home … Click to Read More

Sharing Sunday – Cheeseburgers and Werewolves

Sharing Sunday - Cheeseburgers and Werewolves

Here we are again! Another Sharing Sunday, this week we’ve got ourselves another American. Tegon wrote his piece as it was inspired by a friend…52 years old who was terrifed of a the dark and possessed a real fear of werewolves and all things that go bump in the night. As it turns out, while a work, he his food everywhere and would secret it out during the course of the day to feed his never satisified hunger…his favourite treat…cheeseburgers. I hope you enjoy the piece. Leave Tegon some love in the comments guys. 

Cheeseburgers and Werewolves

Saturday, October 25 1958…  Shortly after my twelfth birthday, my Uncle, who I rarely saw while my father was alive and I took a road trip that became … Click to Read More

Camp NaNoWriMo

camp nanowrimo

So I’ve spent the last month writing, editing and trying to get two books (maybe three?) done at once. I’m pretty sure I’m burning myself out and it’s actually starting to seem like a bit of a struggle, but I did it for the soul reason that I’m actually doing something to change the rut I’ve been in. It’s made me not want to write a blog post (which means I’ve missed bits and pieces) but here I am, writing about not writing posts, what a conundrum.

So with Camp NaNo this month, I was confronted with the fact that the last one I did was cut short because of the death of my father, but I pushed past that and I got to my … Click to Read More

Writing Wednesday

Writing Wednesday

I almost forgot about today’s post. I’ve been having a hard time with catching up on sleep and managing some of my stress levels, but I promise I’ll try and get better. Today’s Writing Wednesday is spawned by the song I’m listening to right now. You’ll be thankful.

Burning, crashing, the place is coming down…how are you getting out of it?

Use this prompt and tell me how you go. Sometimes fire can be cleansing.

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