Sharing Sunday – Drugs Were Involved

Sharing Sunday - Drugs Were Involved

Today’s Sharing Sunday piece is by Zack (and he’s an American, yay look at that DFA’s second American!) Drugs Were Involved is the second chapter in his psuedo-noveL, a series of short stories loosely attached to one another. The premise came from a lingering through he’s had – a sneeze so mighty it sends the person into an alternate reality. Without further ado, here it is! Give him some love and enjoy the read.

Drugs Were Involved

I have devised a means of hitchhiking through the multiverse. Drugs were involved from the start. If this threatens my credibility with you, so be it.

It began with a nasal infection.

Through careful studies I found my proportions of cocaine, mescaline powder, DMT, and the Coca-Cola … Click to Read More

Writing Wednesday

Writing Wednesday


Oh look at that, new picture for Writing Wednesday. Yup! I’m bringing out some of my own prompts too. I really don’t want to have my butt kicked for posting too much of stuff I can’t get permission for. So this fixes it. Bare with me a little, this is a little rusty.

Today’s theme is light.

Start at the end of a tunnel and work your way back. Use the words light, glow, free and nearly there within your writing. Steer clear of cliches. Can you do that? I’m sure you can.

Good luck! Send me a link of what you’ve done in the comment or email me!… Click to Read More

Rise Up: Going Pro

Rise Up: Going Pro

When do you sit down and call yourself a writer?

A serious, no bullshit, fucking writer.

Some never do it. I know I already did. I admitted to it, while I said it. I never actually believed it.

Until today.

I sat down and opened Scrivener and was like, okay it’s time to really do this. And by this I mean finish this edit so I can send it off to my beta readers. I’ve been resisting really hard with this. Purely because I think I’ve been scared to really show them what I have. This book is my baby, it has been for the last 11 years and I’m actually terrified. I think that parents sending their kids to high school might feel the … Click to Read More

Sharing Sunday – The Gypsy Curse

Sharing Sunday - The Gypsy Curse

Today’s Sharing Sunday piece is by Susan again! This is an excerpt from her series Astro’s Adventure. The books are based on the lives of real dogs and cats. They’re a bit zany and a little whacky but oh so great. The basis of the books in the series is raise importance for animals in shelters and a percentage of the sales go towards Susan’s local animal shelter. She’s currently working on the 7th book! Check out a link to her site down below.

The Gypsy Curse

An Excerpt

In the front seat of the Dog Catcher’s van a small corgi sat listening to the latest call. “Did you hear that, Scrappy?” her owner declared. “We had better get there straight away!” he clipped her … Click to Read More

Character Interview Part two

I had a thought, while I’m going through and fixing up my second draft I remembered the character interview that was one of the exercises for my writing project class a couple of years ago and I had it on file, I had every little bit of motivation to copy and paste a little bit from it every couple of weeks, but it seems like I forgot about that (oops!). I was digging around on my blog today and I stumbled along it. I feel like it’s the perfect thing to pop up in a pinch. So look out for more of these. I want you guys to love my characters as much as I do and you’ll get to meet them really soon. Here’s … Click to Read More

3 Ways to Make your Characters More Believable

3 ways to make your characters more believable


Characters are people, just like you and me. I love them. They make or break a book and frankly if you didn’t have a character that was memorable, then your book is almost worthless. This is also one of my all tie favourite topics. I’m going to give you 3 tools to help you make your characters more believable in your writing.

I can count on my hand the number of characters I can remember and they in turn have made me love books. They make me keep reading on in hopes that a really great series that plateaued and got crappy, straightens itself out a brings itself out of the darkness. Great characters make me gasp, cry and growl when something happens to … Click to Read More

Fully Awake Dreamer – Jessi Tait

Fully Awake dreamer - Jessi Tait

Here we are again! Another Fully Awake Dreamer. Today’s Dreamer is one of the first friends I made at Uni. Jessi Tait. She is one hell of a woman and I know that she’ll bring out the read good stuff in the future. I can feel it in my bones. You may have already seen a snipper of her writing with this piece from Sharing Sunday and you know she’s good for it. Leave her a little love note down the bottom to cheer her on.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself and what you write.

I’m a Mum first. To a 10 year old boy going on 16, Felix – light of my life. I’m hitting 40 this year, which is exciting, but … Click to Read More

Writing Wednesday

writing wednesdays

After my reading binge, I feel like I need more help than possible, ha! Today’s Writing Wednesday prompt is all about a disaster.

Disaster Averted

Use these four words: Tickle, Tear, Rite, Locket.

And start with: What a disaster.

Send me your attempts to, I’d love to see them.… Click to Read More

Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted

Bright-Eyed and Blogheared

In March I joined up to both B-School and another e-course. Bright-Eyed and Bloghearted came onto my radar via the gorgeous, Rachel McDonald, and I was floored, a little hesitant, but I knew that it was calling me to do it. I needed to do something that would give me something back.

You see, this is not the first blog I’ve start, or kept up with. It’s one of the many. I had a blogspot blog when I was in my teens, roughly about 10 years ago when blogs started getting really hot, I had an English teacher who encouraged us to really look out into the net and find blogs. I stumbled along The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and was fascinated, even … Click to Read More

What My Reading Binge Taught Me

What My Reading Binge Taught Me

I learned something powerful in the midst of my dinner today, I’ve been on an emotional bender for the last few days, having severely brake downs and actually felt the true loss of my father. Bare with me here, I know I’ve covered this already a bit, but this feels different.

For two months I smiled and almost slept through what happened. It was denial, pure and simply put, I mean I knew it had happened but I was refusing to believe it. Part of me still wants to believe it and I think that writing will bring him back, but if I could I would write a hundred million words to make it happen. I would write until my fingers bled, I would keep … Click to Read More