Walking in this World – Week 7

This week was about discovering a sense of momentum and this week I think it’s probably one of the most important weeks I’ve read so far. This was also started while I was finishing my last assignment of my Masters degree. I was going to edit it out but i decided not to, because I like to keep everything pretty real and unedited. 

How many days this week did you do your morning pages?

I tried to do this, this morning and got distracted. I think that my brain is kind of refusing to dig in deeper about what’s going on. I know that i need to get into more so i can try to work through a lot of the things swirling in my head but there is such resistance that I can’t seem to get through it. 

Did you do your Artist’s Date this week?

Not really, it’s been more of a head down, let’s get this assignment done. Plus with the restrictions lifting it’s also been quite limited as a lot of the artisty things has been hard to do. I really crave to go to the art museum and learn new things. 

Did you get out on your weekly walk?

The more the restrictions are lifted the more my ability to be able to have the drive to get out and walk is harder. It is also warming up so it’s easier to get out but I have been doing my regular gym workouts now that they have been open again. 

Were there any other issues this week that felt significant in your self-discovery?

I really loved the part about breakthroughs and what it meant to really sit with that. Sometimes i take that for granted and I don’t get the breakthroughs that i should when it comes with my work, but that’s ok. I also found that the closer i get to finishing something I find it harder to. Almost like I am avoiding the ending. 

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