The Artist’s Way – Week 8

This week was all about strength and it’s a good week, all about finding the strength even through the negative and I think it was fitting. I like to think that I have a pretty thick skin and even though it was a relatively easy week I did find a lot of resistance. The topics that were covered included: survival, the ivory power, gain disguised as loss, age and time: product and process, filling the form and this week went back to affirmations.

Morning Pages: I was pretty consistent with it this time, I made sure that I did a little even if it was just before work or what not, I missed maybe a few days or so, so that wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure if I’m getting much out of them but I have been less angry with it all.

Artist’s Date: Yeah, this one just didn’t happen and a lot of that is because of my new job and just not having the time. I’m going to try and see what I can do.

Challenges: My Artist’s Date! And work! And procrastination!!

Synchronicities: I keep thinking back to other creatives that I have met and thought about the ways they seem to be almost “weaker” when it comes to taking criticism and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it takes time and rejection to get to where to a point where they can just go with it. I know it’s made me realise just how strong I have become and still getting. I still have some way to go because sometimes I instantly want to defend myself but I’ve learned to just take a breath and walk away and come back and show my strength.

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