• writing wednesday

    Writing Wednesday

    It’s been a bit of a emotional rollercoaster (thanks new moon) but we’re out the other end of it. I’m putting the final touches to my webinar. Are you on the list? I’m sending out an email this week to let my list know about the date.  I’ll be also promoting it on Facebook/instagram/twitter. So follow me using @mandikont or search for Dreaming Fully Awake on Facebook. I would love to have you around. But for now here’s today’s Writing Wednesday writing prompt. There’s an obstacle in your way. What is it? How do you get around it? Explain it. Don’t forget to send your tries to dreaming (at) dreamingfullyawake (dot)…

  • Writing Wednesday

    It’s the first week of NaNo! So this Writing Wednesday prompt comes from the thick of it. It’s been a bit crazy but so worth it. I hope you’re all having a ball because I know I am. Here’s this week’s prompt: Your character has stumbled along into a dream and it’s back to a time where electricity didn’t even exist. It’s prehistoric times and there are dinosaurs! What do you have them do? Send in your tries for free editing.

  • Writing Wednesdays

    It seems normal, almost sane to have Writing Wednesdays, yeah? Yeah! So I have been dying to try and figure out how to make this work. Like seriously. Do i put it out there, or do I try something different? I put it off. I introduced Fully Awake Dreamers, which is still happening but I’ve decided to be a little lighter with posting them, because it needs to be special. This now brings me to something more. Something better. Welcome to Writing Wednesday. What’s the deal with is? Well I’m glad you asked. Today (and every Wednesday from now on) I will be giving you a writing prompt. Something that…