First Drafts Frustrations

I have a love hate relationship with writing first drafts of anything. I have written about it before over here¬†and it’s a topic that I will never get tired of […]

Sharing Sunday - Stolen

  Today’s Sharing Sunday piece is by Mikki, a darling friend of mine who is stronger than she looks and so intellectually beautiful it’s breath taking. Her piece, like most […]

Sharing Sunday - Infinity

I’m a little late with today’s piece, I’m in Waikerie for my gorgeous Koumbara’s baby shower. I can’t wait to meet Baby Walker! (I know his name and you can’t […]

I just felt like i was logging into tumblr when i logged on here…wow. Everything is starting to look the same on the internet…this is not good! Fleeee! Okay rant […]