Rise Up: Going Pro

Rise Up: Going Pro

When do you sit down and call yourself a writer?

A serious, no bullshit, fucking writer.

Some never do it. I know I already did. I admitted to it, while I said it. I never actually believed it.

Until today.

I sat down and opened Scrivener and was like, okay it’s time to really do this. And by this I mean finish this edit so I can send it off to my beta readers. I’ve been resisting really hard with this. Purely because I think I’ve been scared to really show them what I have. This book is my baby, it has been for the last 11 years and I’m actually terrified. I think that parents sending their kids to high school might feel the same way. I just want to hold onto it tighter but I need the input of someone else, while it makes sense to me, it might not make sense to others.

So in saying that I spent the good part of today editing, my eyes going blurry and trying to figure out what time was what and where time went. Time seriously flies when I’m at the computer. I didn’t even get to do what I wanted to do (and that involved getting some posts out of the way, hence the late night posting). I have made some headway, but I’m still 11 chapters from the end. Who’s idea was it to write so many words? Oh right, mine. I have always taken writing seriously, even when people used to scoff at my doing so, it’s never been something that I have played around with. Sure I was scared, timid and embarrassed and sometimes I still get that way, but writing is what I want to do. Writing is my life.

I am a fucking writer who has finished a first draft and a second draft; I’m a writer who is on her third draft (because seriously this is taking that long). I am a professional and I remember that both Marie Forleo and Rachel MacDonald, in their courses, say to own what you have. I’m a writing coach, because I love to push and motivate people, do you know what a writing coach is? Yeah, me either. I’m taking this in my stride. But it’s what I want to do and what you guys get to explore with me.

Today I went pro and I’m hoping that you’ll come along with me. Here’s to getting this draft finished and into the inboxes of my beta readers.

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