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I’m a writer. Are you? #writerlyinsides

i'm a writer are you

I’m a Writer.

And so are you.

Say it with me. I’m a Writer.

Now the trick is to really put feeling behind it. Believe that you are a writer.

I was having a lovely conversation with a new friend the other day and she made the comment that she was a novice writer. And I stared at it for a moment and a rush came over to me. It was so fierce that it was probably good that I had armfuls of groceries otherwise I would have dropped my phone. I was so stunned. I hadn’t something like that in a long time.

There are so many beautiful and talented writers out there that don’t think of themselves as a writer or they do and they call themselves “novice” or “aspiring” writers. And it breaks my heart to see shaky adjectives in front of such a powerful word. They belittle your experience and you’re love for what you do. It needs to stop!

To me those words show fear. They show that you’re not living up to your potential.

Why should you stop that? Why should you play small?

If you have a blog; you’re a writer.

If you have a journal and write in it religiously; you’re a writer.

If you’re writing a novel; you’re a writer.

If you’re writing an essay; you’re a writer.

Don’t belittle what you are. Lean into it. Own up to the titled because you are an amazing writer.

Are there times where you think you don’t deserve the title? Absolutely. But that’s okay too. You have to let those days roll off your shoulders and not hang around because even I have days where I think I’m not a writer and I second guess myself, but what I do after that moment, is what’s important.

My favourite way to get out of a funk to grab something I’ve written in the past (most of the time is a very rough draft full of squiggle lined mistakes) and I take the time to read through it. If I’ve left enough space I read it back and find just how amazing it is. I have the inherent capacity to be a fantastic writer. I know I’m not there yet, but I will get there and I learned that by owning that fact that I am a Writer I’ve come into my power of being a kick ass writer who supports other writers and lifts them up.

I’ve been through all of the trials and the breakdowns; the self doubt and inner critic. I’ve worked past the issues and I’m okay with owning my title.

So let’s make better writers out of everyone. Let’s start an accountability circle. I want to see you own your title. Own up to being the best writer you can be. Shout those words from the skies to every social media platform you’ve got.

Hope over to my Facebook page and let’s nourish those writerly insides. Use the hashtag #writerlyinsides on Instagram to jot down every writerly thing you do. Let’s show the world just how amazing you are as a writer.

Leave me a comment with your writerly pledge down below. What are you working on? What do you want to work on? Let’s get a collective of beautiful writers together and let’s get everyone accountable.

My Pledge: I am a Writer. I will finish my edits of my first novel and I will start to query it.

PS: Use the graphics above to broadcast your pledge on social media! Tag me and have fun!

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